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Web Startup Generator

Your business idea is to:
Create the BlackPlanet of charity apps
You will name it:
Web Start-up Generator Explanation:
Wish you were Mark Zuckerberg sometimes? Or Chad Hurley? But without the hard work? AppAppeal offers a help: the web start-up generator! Just by going to the site, it will create a business plan for a new web app, a name for the app, and it will tell you how successful your app would be if you decided to actually do something with it. It is easy and lawsuit-safe without having to do any hard work!

So, do you wish you had come up with YouTube, Facebook,, or Amazon? Try out AppAppeal’s web start-up generator! You can easily share it with your friends and check for the availability of the name.
Wareva will achieve:
Your competitors will be:
1. is a non-profit organization that provides loans that can be as little as $25 people to people all around th...
Vittana is a non-governmental organization that allows people to lend money via the Internet to students in the devel...

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