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AppAppeal exists to help startups get their business apps discovered. It’s a place for developers to gain visibility and have their apps reviewed by experienced business software experts.

You can submit your app for consideration by contacting the AppAppeal Editor. If your business app is accepted we will contact you via email. Apps must meet the following conditions to be considered for review:

  • Must be a business­related Web­based/SaaS or mobile app
  • Must be out of Beta development
  • Mobile apps must be listed on iTunes App Store or Google Play
  • SaaS apps must have an Alexa rank of 150,000 or higher
  • We do not accept paid submissions for reviews
  • For paid apps, AppAppeal will require access to a free trial or review code
  • Please let us know if your startup is funded or part of an incubator
  • Let us know if your app has already been featured in the media (e.g. ProductHunt, TechCrunch)

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