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Watch These Beautiful Web 2.0 Tag Clouds
Posted on December 07, 2008

<p>Do you like those colorful web 2.0 tag clouds? We created some for you with the great word cloud service can easily embed these web 2.0 tag clouds on your site, blog or forum posting by using the given HTML code. Web 2.0 Tag Clou...
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Video's from AppAppeal
Posted on November 04, 2008

<p>Jelle has been quite busy releasing AppAppeal video&#39;s over the summer. Check them out on our Youtube channel Especially noteworthy are the two video&#39;s below.</p> <p>Top 30 web applications made in the United Kingdom</p> <p>Top 30 web ...
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Web application merger frenzy
Posted on October 05, 2008

Which web applications will survive the credit crisis by combining their forces? Have a look at our playful merger frenzy page.

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World map
Posted on October 04, 2008

Be sure to check out our world map of web applications with 1001 different websites.

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