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Where Do You Spend Your Time Online?
Posted on September 03, 2012

People averagely spend around 1,5 hours per day online. But do you know what sites you visit most often? The following bubble chart shows how many minutes people spend using the most popular web apps out there. You can click on the image to go to an interactive representation of the chart.

As you can see, social sites like Facebook, YouTube, Blogger, and Twitter are the sites that take up most time of our time. Of course, these numbers represent what an average person does online, not what you do online. There are a number of web apps, browser add ons, and downloadable tools that can track your time spent online. These apps can also track what sites you visit and how long you visit them. If you sometimes lose track of time while being online, you might want to try tracking your online behavior. Take a look at these apps:

There are also browser add-ons that can block sites while you're working or studying, to make sure you actually get some work done:
Do you feel you do not spend enough time online? Here are some web apps that will definitely increase your online time:

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