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Top 6 Project Management Apps In The World
Posted on July 10, 2012

Project management. Every business needs it, but every business has its own needs. So finding the perfect app can be a hassle! However, the time you spend on finding the perfect app is not in vain, since project management apps can make your business more organized and effective.

AppAppeal has created a list of the most popular project management web apps by comparing the number of daily unique visitors worldwide (using data from Google Trends and Alexa).

The winner is Basecamp, made by the team of 37Signals, who also make a number of other great web apps (Highrise, Campfire, and Ta-Da List). 

    1. Basecamp

92,000 daily unique visitors worldwide 

    2. Trello

56,000  daily unique visitors worldwide 

    3. Asana

        49,000 daily unique visitors worldwide 

    4. TeamLab

        18,0000  daily unique visitors worldwide 

    5. Teamwork Project Manager

        14,000 daily unique visitors worldwide

If you want to know where in the world these apps are most popular, click on the map below:

AppAppeal has a total of 72 project management apps listed. Check them out to find out what other great apps are out there.

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