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My Apps: Meet Matthew from JobPage!
Posted on January 10, 2012

Meet Matthew!

Matthew Ogston is from London, UK. He is the founder and CEO of JobPage - a hassle free applicant tracking system for companies who want to hire the best technical and marketing people. He is passionate about new web technologies and using it to help other people. He has a background in web programming, but also in design, development, and user experience (UX). He has worked for 12 years with start-ups, advertising consultancies, large corporations and media publishers (film, photography, print). At his last full-time job he worked at one of the top 5 recruitment companies in Europe, and he then decided to take the plunge and leave that company to do his own start-up. Matthew is also co-founder of PageDo, a successful landing page platform was one of the winning teams at mini Seedcamp London 2010, and a finalist at the TechCrunch Europa's. He used the feedback he received for these accolades to start his second start-up, JobPage, and he has been very busy with developing a platform for the recruitment market.

- What kind of apps do you use?
“I use Evernote for my note taking, I use that every single day. I also use Things for Mac and Things for iPhone to do all my task tracking. And obviously the usual apps like Facebook and Twitter. I also use SoundCloud a lot as well. When I do my work, I like to zone myself out and I use the SoundCloud iPhone app to get my latest music. And I started to use the Cardmunch iPhone app which is a LinkedIn app that scans business cards and creates LinkedIn contacts from the scanned business cards. There’s another app I use a lot that most people are probably not familiar with because it only works in London, it’s the Addison Lee app. It’s for a London taxi company and it’s a really good app. You load the app and click “get me a taxi, wherever I am, right now” and it will geolocate where you are and they will send you a taxi within 15 minutes to pick you up. So even if you don’t know where you are, you can get a taxi. On the web I also use AppSumo a lot, which is a daily deals app for web geeks."

- Which devices do you use to run the apps (like desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone)?
“As I already mentioned, I have an iPhone and a Mac. I don’t have a tablet yet. I can’t justify using a tablet yet when I can pull my Mac out of my bag and it’s in hibernate mode and switched on in a few seconds. But I’d really like to get one. So if I can just justify it to myself, then I’ll get one. I was intrigued by the Kindle Fire, but I can’t quite bring myself to get one because it doesn’t have enough use cases yet. I also have the iPhone 4S, which is absolutely amazing. I had the iPhone 3GS before and I was kind of happy with it, but with the 4S they just perfected everything that’s on there and I absolutely love it to bits.”   

- What is your favorite app and why?
“I guess my favorite app has to SoundCloud. I use the web app when I’m on my main computer, but if I’m at a friend’s house or I’m on the train, I’ll use the SoundCloud iPhone app. The reason why it’s my favorite is probably the one I use the most and it’s the one that if I didn’t have it, it’s the one that I would probably be the most upset about. I have to have my music to concentrate when I work.”

- Do you use web apps for your job?
“In terms of development, I absolutely love Pivotal Tracker. It’s a very good app. It’s good as a task management tool for development teams, but it’s even better as a development tool to document stories and new functionalities to build into your own product. I use Pivotal Tracker every day. Probably the most useful app I use is oDesk. It’s fantastic. I use a lot of freelancers in my business and quite often they’re not located in the UK. The oDesk app allows me to manage my remote team and takes screen shots of what they’re working on throughout the day. What’s good for me is that is that I can see the progress of that project which they’re working on without them even telling me about it. It’s better than having someone in the same room, because you can see what they’re working on all the time.”

- What is the most unusual app you have? Why is it unusual?
“The most unusual one is probably Color, because I don’t get it. I want to get it, but I can’t get it. I’m trying to get my head around why I’m going to use it and I keep putting it on hoping that they changed it, but I can’t bring my head around it to learn what they’ve done, so I’ve been using the Path iPhone app instead, which is a lot nicer and a lot more intuitive and straightforward." 

- Is there an app that is missing? Something you would love to use but does not exist yet?
“I would have to say.. In terms of consuming RSS and Twitter.. I'd like to use one harmonious app that ranked the content based on your favorite sources and topics, but also based on other people’s topics. For example, Techmeme is a news aggregator, but they only give you a small snapshot of the most talked about, most linked to, and most commented on stories. But what I haven’t seen is an app that goes on an iPhone and allows you to have all of that simplicity but in an iPhone format. For example, I’m using Byline for RSS reading. And I’m mostly using Diigo to see the latest links. And I’m also using Instapaper to cache stories for later reading. But there’s not one app that I’ve found that actually brings everything together, without giving me everything. I haven’t got time to read everything.”

- What app is an undiscovered gem?
“I would say either KISSmetrics or KISSsinsights. I’m big fans of both of those apps. What KISSinsights does is allow you to have a very simple survey that sits at the bottom of your website. It’s pre-configured with pertinent questions and it helps you to understand what your customers are actually thinking when they use your site. And KISSmetrics is essentially a funnel analysis tool which shows you how people are using your website in very simple way. Google does funnels as well in Google Analyticsbut what KISSmetrics does is actually give you a very simple view of how people are using your website.”

Want to learn more about Matt?
Matt on the web:

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