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My Apps: Meet Jaime Brugueras from Mineful!
Posted on August 27, 2012

Meet Jaime! 
This is Jaime Brugueras, the creator of Mineful. Mineful is a customer retention analytics tool. You can read the review here on AppAppeal.
Jaime grew up in Puerto Rico and he studied Math there as an undergraduate. He then came to Chicago to do a PhD in statistics at the university of Illinois. He graduated in 2006 and started to work for large companies as a marketing consultant.
Jaime came up with the idea for Mineful when he was working as a marketing consultant. A lot of the information that he analyzed was not used to its full potential or not even used at all. He did not like the idea that this information was not used, because it was valuable information. He started to toy with the idea to create something that would automatically use data to trigger an action to do something with that piece of information. At the same time he was reading that some larger companies were already doing that. They were analyzing all their sales and customer data and they could trigger offers based on different things people purchased, etcetera. He was really excited about this and he was wondering how he could bring this type of technology to the masses. He wanted to bring this competitive advantage of using data to small businesses. That's where the idea of Mineful came from. Mineful is now targeted towards online retailers and other web apps, and Mineful helps them with analyzing the data and triggering actions that can increase their sales. So Mineful does not create reports about the data, but actually takes action and helps with increasing sales. 

 What kind of apps do you use (can be mobile)? Please name a few.
"I'm pretty big on the Google Apps, so I use Gmail, Google Tasks, Calendar, Docs, and Chat. I maintain my social media through TweetDeck, like 
Twitter. I use Facebook, but not a lot. I use Google Reader to read news on. We actually use Mineful for a lot of purposes, so we do not use many web apps for our business. We use Mineful as a CRM tool, as a email marketing tool, and as a monitoring tool. We use Mantis for bug tracking. It's very basic and it's open source. We use LogMeIn to remotely log in to other computers. We use Dropbox a lot. I use Contagious Studio to do my videos and make pictures. As for mobile apps, I use Pandora to listen to music. I use Instagram and Camera+ to take pictures. I use TripAdvisor and RunKeeper. I use GoTasks to sync with Google Tasks."

 Which devices do you use to run the apps?
"I have the iPhone 4S, a iPhone, and a desktop computer."

 What is your favorite app and why?
"I love Pandora. Music helps me concentrate when I'm at work. If I'm coding or doing something that requires concentration, I just plug my headphones into my iPhone and use Pandora."

 What is the most unusual app you have? Why is it unusual?
"I often play chess and I have a digital chess clock on my iPhone. The other day I was playing chess and everybody at the party was excited when they saw I was using a chess clock on my phone. It's not unusual for me anymore because I use it all the time, but it is surprising to see that people around me get all excited when they see me using it."

 Is there an app that is missing? Something you would love to use but does not exist yet? Or an app that you've been using, but that needs to be improved or expanded?
"Well, it's not a web app, but I wish Siri would work a little better when you're not connected to the Internet. I love using Siri when I want to call or text someone. When I'm using WiFi and I use Siri, everything works great. It's fast and better than scrolling through your contact list. But when I'm on the road and not connected to WiFi, Siri has trouble completing this task. It's basically useless. I just don't understand why Siri needs to be connected to the Internet to find a contact in my phone and call that person. It should be able to work without using an Internet connection.
I've also been looking at mobile apps that can store your loyalty cards, but I haven't found one that actually store all of them. I just want to leave all my loyalty cards at home when I go shopping and want to be able to just show my phone when someone asks me for my loyalty card.
Another app that would really help me out is an app that can track your friends and family through GPS. That would make it a lot easier for me to meet them and I would no longer have to call them and them: 'Hi, where are you?' I know there are already apps that can text someone your location, but not an app that just shows me where someone is."

 What app is an undiscovered gem?
"I know there are a lot of mobile camera apps, but there's one I really like. It's called Camera+. I have kids and it's difficult to get them to stand still and pose for a picture. So I need an app that can take pictures really fast so that I don't miss anything. Camera+ is much faster than the regular camera app and it also has all the filters and such that Instagram has. It's not that undiscovered, but it truly is a gem for me and I think more people should use it."

Did you like reading about Jaime? Track him through Twitter.

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