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My Apps: Meet Florin Cornianu from 123ContactForm!
Posted on May 24, 2012

Meet Florin! 
This is Florin Cornianu, the co-founder and CEO of 123ContactForm. 123ContactForm is an online form builder that helps users create a variety of lead generation forms, online surveys, event registration and order formsYou can read the review here, they received a 5 out 5 rating.

123ContactForm is based in Romania and was founded in 2008. Florin and his associate, Tudor Bastea, had worked for various online projects and at some point they realized they needed an online form building tool for their website and they decided to make it themselves. After building it they started to share it with the community through forums and discovered that it became very popular. They started developing from that starting point and try to separate themselves from other online form builders by offering unique features, 
like multilingual forms.

Florin is an engineer and has worked for various companies and online projects before starting his own business with Tudor. 

-  What kind of apps do you use?
"We use a lot of web apps. For time tracking we use Paymo. For task building and management and project management we use Asana. Of course we use Google apps: we use Google Spreadsheets every day, for our email we use Gmail, Calendar, and so on. We have tried apps like Basecamp, Help On Click, and Relenta for crm and contacts management. 

- Do you also use mobile apps on a smartphone or tablet?
"Of course. We have weekly debates on which mobile platform is the best, Android or iOS, and we use many apps. Some of us also have iPads. I use the usual apps, like Gmail and Facebook. I use the Google Calendar, but use a different app to manage it, namely Business Calendar. I also use Remember the Milk for to do lists." 

-  Which devices do you use to run the apps?
"I have an iPad, the first version, and an Android phone. I also have a Mac mini and a laptop."

-  What is your favorite app and why?
"My favorite app is Dropbox. I use it on every device I own and I use it all the time, everywhere. I work from the office, when I'm travelling, and from home, so I need to have all my documents with me at all times."

-  What is the most unusual app you have?
"I absolutely love Angry Birds. Whenever I'm bored I'll play a level on Angry Birds." 

-  Is there an app that is missing? Something you would love to use but does not exist yet?
"I still haven't found the perfect app for project management, combined with task management and time tracking. This is why I am using a combination of Paymo, Asana, and Google Spreadsheets. An app is definitely missing here. I really need an app that is very detailed, that can give team members different permission levels, allow them to track the time they are working on projects, and also has a task management component. And the app should also be fully customizable to fit different companies." 

-  What app is an undiscovered gem?
"I would have to say Asana. I don't think it's that popular yet and it should be. We've been using it for two weeks now and are really fond of it. We migrated all our projects to Asana." 

If you want to read more about Florin, check out 123ContactForm.

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