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Get Satisfaction wins an App Award
Posted on February 03, 2012

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A company can become a huge success if it manages to identify an unsolved problem and provide a solution for it. Others can keep or expand their markets by improving existing solutions. Still, sometimes the hardest part is not solving the problem but finding it. And here is where all those surveys and questionnaires come into play. The user feedbacks gathered through these basic tools are a continuous source of information. 
User feedback apps can help you create professional looking surveys and questionnaires. And some of them offer interesting interfaces that facilitate the communication between customers and vendors. 
The main advantage of using user feedback apps is that you can reach a large number of people very fast. 
After careful consideration we, the AppAppeal team, have selected the winners of the user feedback AppAwards. 

Best feature
: Get Satisfaction

AppAward Winner What makes Get Satisfaction stand apart from the other user feedback apps, is its ability to enable users. The app allows users to discuss problems among themselves, post problems, suggest solutions, or ask questions. Even more, you can track a discussion and find people with similar interests as you. As you can see, Get Satisfaction doesn't have only one best feature, but multiple ones but if we would have to pick one we would go with the feature of empowering users to propose solutions.

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