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Top 10 Free Wiki Hosting Apps

1 to 10 based on popularity

Wiki hosting applications supply users with a simple way to build a knowledge database that can be edited by assigned individuals or all visitors. AppAppeal ranks all wiki hosting apps based on worldwide popularity.

Socialtext gives businesses an easy way to allow employees to collaborate efficiently. Employee profiles, status upda...
Zoho Notebook is a web-based tool for storing and sharing mixed content.
Wikia gives users an easy way to build and manage wikis on their favorite topics. The site includes simple search too...
With Wikispaces you can create simple web pages which can be edited by a group of people.
Springnote gives users a convenient way to create, save and organize notes online. Users can work in personal noteboo...
Google Sites is a helpful tool for users who want to construct simple websites. The application is easy to use and d...
PBworks is a provider of hosted business and educational workspaces.
Collaborative task organizing and internal wiki development.
9. is a farm of Wiki Sites. Wikidot provides publishing, collaboration and communication solutions.
Create private or public workspaces and promote active conversation between employees, teams, project clients and pa...

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