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Top 11 Free Whiteboard Apps

1 to 11 based on popularity

Whiteboard applications supply a virtual idea space for users who need to organize or share information with a group using text, numbers and drawn images. AppAppeal ranks all whiteboard apps based on worldwide popularity.

Scribblar is a multi-user whiteboard with live audio, image collaboration, text-chat and more.
Padlet is a personal wall that can display anything. User can keep their content private or share with a specific group.
Dabbleboard is an online collaboration application centered around the whiteboard.
Twiddla is a real-time web-based collaboration tool.
A Web Whiteboard ( gives internet users a budget-friendly way to create a virtual whiteboard. Users can sh...
6. is a giant, virtual online whiteboard that users can slap notes onto, collaborate with others or just sto...
Sketch Swap users can draw something on the screen, and when they're finished they receive a random drawing from some...
8. allows users to create an informative, educational presentation on the iPad.
Groupboard App gives users a free way to collaborate and interact with others through a virtual whiteboard. The servi...
10. is an online tool for creating and sharing simple drawings.
CoSketch is a multi-user whiteboard designed to give users the ability to visualize and share their ideas as images.

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