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Top 15 Free Website Monitoring Apps

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Website monitoring applications keep users updated on the current status of their websites as well as overall uptime and downtime statistics. AppAppeal ranks all website monitoring apps based on worldwide popularity.

AppAppeal rating 5/5
Pricing (p/month): $1.00
Free plan available offers many monitoring services with a great deal of price flexibility.
Pingdom web site monitoring measures uptime and downtime. It will instantly let you know when anything goes wrong.
Single performance monitoring application for multiple devices and systems
All-in-one application performance and monitoring for complete DevOps visibility
Codeguard is an easy way for users to back up their websites.
Monitive provides users with a convenient, reliable way to track website availability. The service works constantly a...
Port Monitor allows users to track the accessibility of a website. The service is free and provides users with uptime...
CurrentlyDown lets users verify the availability of any website. Users can also see response times, availability hist...
Uptime Robot monitors your websites every 5 minutes and alerts you if your sites are down.
10. provides free real time website and server monitoring from georgraphically distributed servers with perso...
Are My Sites Up is a simple service to help you keep an eye on your sites and warn you if they go down.
12. is a service that shows if a website is down or not.
Down Notifier is an app that notifies the user when their website is offline. It has free monitoring as well as a pre...
14. is a service that allows users to checks to see if a site is actually down, or if it’s th...
A website performance monitoring application.

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