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Top 13 Free Webmail Apps

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Webmail applications include email services that are based entirely on the web and include a personalized address, contact lists and attachment capabilities. AppAppeal ranks all webmail apps based on worldwide popularity.

Zoho Mail is an email hosting service for business users.
Yahoo Mail is an email application that is fully featured and offers unlimited storage. Although it is a good choice,...
Gmail offers users a convenient way to manage their email online. The application provides plenty of storage space, a...
MailQuatro provides professional email services that go beyond vanilla email. Users can manage appointments, contact...
Mail2Web lets users check their email from anywhere with internet access. The application does not require a registra...
AOL Mail is a web based email service.
7. is a free email service that lets users sign up and manage messages online. The application also offers l...
8. is a personalized free web-based email and content provider.
9. provides a unique email service to its users.
10. combines Twitter and email to provide users with an easy email solution.
11. provides individuals, families and businesses with a practical email solution. The application offers up ...
Windows Live Hotmail supplies users with a simple email solution that works entirely on the web. The user can send an...
Lycos Mail offers a very simple email solution that works best for individuals. Users can manage their messages and h...

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