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Web CMS applications help individuals and businesses publish and organize content in a way that is manageable and can be shared with a large audience. AppAppeal ranks all web cms apps based on worldwide popularity.

Zoho Sites
AppAppeal rating 5/5
Pricing (p/month): $3.50
Zoho sites is an easy to use website builder for users of any skill level to produce professional-looking websites wi...
WebStarts provides an easy way to build stylish webpages. Users can drag and drop items directly onto the page before...
3. is a free website builder, built to create and design free Flash and HTML5 sites and MySpace layouts.
WebPaper is a very simple website builder with an ad-free three page plan that will fit most needs. Premium plans are...
Neosites is an online tool that lets you build and manage a website for personal or business use.
KickOffLabs presents business owners and professionals with a simple way to create and manage a sign up landing page....
Roxer is an online tool that lets anyone create web pages without programming.
SinglePlatform provides small businesses with a painless way to establish themselves on the web. Users can provide th...
Ubounce makes it easy for users to create, publish and test landing pages. Users can access purpose themed templates ...
Happytables helps restaurant owners manage their business online. The application lets users create mobile-friendly p...
Create and edit simple websites.
Build custom websites and online retailers.
PageLime is a brandable CMS that lets your clients manage their content.
Breezi lets users create functional web pages quickly and easily. The application gives users complete customization ...
A modern, intuitive web editing app that takes DIY websites to the next level.
NationBuilder gives leaders and groups a powerful way to manage their supporters, campaigns, donations and events. Us...
SnapPages provides a suite of online applications for creating and maintaining websites.
Yola allows you to build your own website quickly and will provide you with free hosting for your website.
Doomby's content management system lets users personalize the design and function of their webpages.
20. offers users a way to build a functional intranet for their business or professional team. The application...
Infostripe gives users a way to build an HTML 5, mobile-friendly website. The user can add content from over 225 thir...
Webnode is an online application for creating and building websites.
Harmonyapp is a website building tool that lets users centralize their efforts and professional needs. Users can mana...
24. provides a gathering place for the content you’ve created across the web, including blogs, photos, videos ...
Simplebooklet is an online booklet making platform. Once created, the digital booklet content can be shared on the In...
Berta is a web site creation app created by, and for artistic types. The app is distinguished from similar apps by it...
5minutebox is an app people can use to easily and quickly create a homepage.
Cubender lets you create a Flash website filled with your images, video and more.
Lifeyo provides the average internet user with a convenient way to build a website. Users can drag and drop items rig...
30. gives small business owners a way to build a simple websites. Companies can grow their customer base ...
31. supplies users with an easy way to share all of their social networking profiles with customers. Small bus...
Thinmble is a web making application that can be used to create web pages.
33. is an online content management system for personal or business websites.
Create a free website or blog in minutes by using a drag and drop interface.
DevHub is a free website builder and publishing platform with full monetization capabilities.
Build an elegantly simple website with Virb.
37. is a user friendly website builder that gives small businesses and startup companies a way to establish ...
Blinkweb is a free website builder, it uses a drag and drop functionality, allowing you to create a website, blog, or...
Jimdo is a website creator which enables people to build their own custom websites for free, even if they have little...
FC2 is a portal site that provides web services including blog, website and analyzer tools.
Moonfruit allows users, with no previous web technology experience, to build and develop websites.
BistroSquare provides a website builder for restaurants.
Terapad is a website builder for personal or business websites with free hosting.
Spruz offers a social website creation technology that makes it easy to build a website with fully integrated social ...
Moogo is an online website editor that enables you to make your own website without having any technical knowledge.
Squarespace is a hosted environment for creating and maintaining your website.
350pages is an online web site builder that enables you to create your own website in minutes.
Eden is a website content management system with the most important elements you need to market your website.
Rezdy lets travel and tour operators host software on their site to accept and profit from bookings, with payment to ...
50. is a website builder with a lot of plug-and-play components to choose from.


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