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Top 9 Free Video Editing Apps

1 to 9 based on popularity

Video editing applications offer basic and advanced tools that let users create home movies, marketing segments and visual presentations. AppAppeal ranks all video editing apps based on worldwide popularity.

One True Media provides users of all skill levels with a quick, easy way to create attractive videos. User can add vi...
Popcorn Maker gives users a new way to enhance their favorite internet videos. Users can add a video file and apply m...
Animoto is a web application that automatically generates professionally produced videos using your own images and mu...
Masher let’s you easily create a video by mashing together video clips, music tracks and photos.
Pummelvision creates a video using photos from photo sharing services like Facebook, Flickr, DailyBooth or Tumblr.
Stupeflix allows users to put together and post videos and photographs.
Magisto gives users the easiest way to trim and edit their home movies before sharing them online. The application ha...
WeVideo provides users with a convenient video editing tool that comes with minimal downtime. Users can edit videos a...
Memplai is a collaborative video creator that allows people to upload files for one person to edit together into a vi...

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