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Top 59 Free Video Apps

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Video applications are among the most popular used on the web with sites that offer searchable user created videos as well as professional clips. AppAppeal ranks all video apps based on worldwide popularity.

Wistia provides measurable video hosting, sharing and tracking for your team, company and customers.
Brightcove is a online video platform used by media companies, businesses and organizations to publish and distribute...
Videolla helps users to make money on online videos.
4. lets you upload, enhance, and share digital video inside your web browser. Viddler shares the revenue wit...
Broadcast and live stream your own channel. Watch Internet TV in HD and chat with others.
YouTube is the most popular video hosting site. It is owned by Google Inc. and has millions of users all over the world.
Hulu is an online video service that offers premium video content.
Vimeo is a video site with social networking features. Only homemade videos are allowed, you can not upload tv series...
Revision3 offers users episodic entertainment on the web. Users can explore many humorous internet shows and particip...
10. allows fans to find, watch and share movie clips from the libraries of major Hollywood studios.
Ooyala is a video platform that gives content owners insights that drive increased viewer engagement and revenue from...
12. provides a collection of royalty-free archival stock footage.
13. gives television fans another way to follow their favorite programs. The website covers many diverse gen...
DotSUB provides users with a place to share videos and provide subtitles so they can be understood in more languages....
Tout is a helpful video sharing solution for iPhone and Android users. The user can take a video then upload it to s...
AtticTV lets its users watch a stream of music videos from YoutTube.
GoAnimate let's just about anyone create a professional-looking video that they can create easily and quickly and the...
Keen Talks is an application that consists of a compilation of intellectually stimulating videos in a variety of subj...
Chockadoc lets users find and watch documentaries for free online. The website covers many diverse and sometimes cont...
Looplr gives users a place to share videos taken on their iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The user can post comment...
21. provides users with a huge selection of conference and speaker videos. Users can search by theme to delve dee...
22. is one of the most popular video hosting services. It is faster and has higher quality videos than mo...
23. features millions of videos including TV shows, movies, indie productions, and viral videos. Upload and shar...
Magnify lets websites embed videos directly on web pages. The application includes a wide range of professional tools...
Joost gives internet users a place to follow their favorite shows, films and music. Users can watch clips, create a v...
Metacafe is a video sharing and hosting site that focuses on: short-form, entertainment and audience-driven content.
27. is a videoblogging and podcasting hosting, distribution and advertising service.
Current is an online television network that gives you the opportunity to create and influence what airs on TV.
When you type something; Xtranormal turns it into a movie.
Netflix gives users instant access to movies and television shows on their computer, tablet or mobile device. The ser...
Pixorial was created to empower people to share, create and connect with friends and family through video.
32. shows the most popular YouTube videos on Twitter.
33. is an online video converter.
34. users can watch the newest music videos.
ShowMeNonStop brings users another way to enjoy internet videos without spending a great deal of time searching. Use...
Tubalr provides users with a simple, unique way to enjoy their favorite music on YouTube. The website gives the user ...
Frequency gives users a simple way to browse and sort their favorite internet video clips. Users can compile channels...
Spreecast is the social video platform that allows individuals to broadcast themselves and connect to each other.
Automatically convert text to video content.
TheTVKing provides uses with a place to catch up on their favorite shows. The website provides a wealth of TV show in...
Pintubest gives users a way to find and share internet videos. The user can browse a collection of videos, search by ...
BluffBust lets users hone their ability to read body language and identify false statements. Users can guess which vi...
Diary Memo is a personal diary that lets users quickly record entries each day. The application includes progress awa...
VideoJug is a video hosting services for how-tos. Content is created both by the company itself and the users.
Flixtime turns your photos and videos into video slideshows in just minutes.
Blinkx is a video search engine. Search for video content, create personal video playlists, or build a customized Vid...
47. shows video interviews with startup founders.
MeetTheBoss.TV shows interviews with entrepreneurs and business leaders.
49. offers Christians an alternative to video sites like YouTube.
50. gives internet users a place to socialize while watching video clips. Users can become VJs and earn points ...

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