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Top 47 Free User Feedback Apps

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User feedback applications give websites a way to receive direct feedback from customers and visitors through built-in user suggestions, voting systems and issue tracking. AppAppeal ranks all user feedback apps based on worldwide popularity.

AppAppeal rating 5/5
Price range (p/month): $5.00 - $125.00
Free plan available users can gather user feedback with a website widget. They can also start a conversation with their com...
Zoho Support
AppAppeal rating 4/5
Price range (p/month): $12.00 - $25.00
Free plan available
Zoho Support is a web-based help desk support platform.
Wishbox supplies users with a convenient way to manage and respond to visitor issues and suggestions. The application...
WebEngage gives website owners a way to interact with visitors and customers. Users can create feedback forms and sur...
Quipol gives users a simple way to gather the opinions of a larger audience. The user can create a poll with an image...
Spur gives users an easy way to test their website design. A memory test can be created and shared on Facebook and Tw...
WorkFace puts a human face on web support. Users can create interactive customer support profiles that offer text, au...
Get Satisfaction offers a neutral space to support customers, exchange ideas, and get feedback about products and ser...
Frontify is a tool made specifically for web designers and front end developers. Users can streamline collaboration a...
ReviewRouter is a customer feedback management tool. Users can route customers to the right places and market themsel...
Nicereply helps businesses monitor the success of their support team. Customers can provide ratings and feedback to ...
Notable helps your team collaborate through visual feedback on website screenshots.
BountyIt is an online platform where users can solicit feedback and reward those who provided the best.
Crowdtap users can ideate, engage and promote with brands, non-profits and startups.
The SuggestionBox customer feedback management solution makes it easy for companies to collect customer feedback.
Kampyle combines online feedback collection with advanced analytics to generate self-selecting prospects.
Bounce lets users add feedback to any webpage and toss that back and forth with other people.
18. helps designers collaborate quickly and easily online.
19. gives users a way to learn more about what customers think.
MockVault provides a management system for designs and versions. It is also able to allow users present their design...
Quirky is a social product development platform. It uses the power of the community to generate new products.
Apollo is an online image proofing service. Get accurate feedback from your clients and give feedback to your colleag...
23. is a platform where users can compare two entities.
24. gives users a community of information and insight based on free applications.
25. is a site where you can groan, gripe, and complain your day away.
Amplicate groups similar opinions in one place; making them more likely to be found by companies and other people.
Get Osmosis is an app designers can use to get insight into their client's and projects.
28. simplifies the process of sharing images and collaborating on projects. Users can easily share image...
Testimonial Monkey gives users an easy way to obtain honest feedback for their products and services. The application...
Ripoff Report is a consumer reporting platform, by consumers, for consumers, to file and document complaints about co...
31. helps users learn more about their customers and website visitors.
Groubal lets people voice their consumer complaints and share them.
Feedbackify makes it possible to receive real-time feedback from your website visitors.
KISSinsights makes it easy for you to ask questions and for your customers to answer them.
35. gives users a better way to share their work and receive feedback.
Quikpiq lets you ask your social network for help in making decisions by creating image based polls.
Feedback Roulette provides a platform to exchange feedback.
38. gives users a better way to request and receive feedback on their visual projects. The user can uplo...
39. was created specifically for professional designers who need to obtain feedback on their work. The app...
Crowd Science Demographics is a analytics service that builds detailed reports on the demographics and attitudes of w...
Talentag lets you ask for professional feedback that build up your profile.
42. is a quick website feedback service.
Web designers can solicit feedback on their designs from established designers and in turn offer feedback for others ...
UserEcho provides a platform to listen and engage your customers.
SocialCompare allows users to create, edit and share comparison tables.
46. users can vote thumbs up or down on a claim to agree or disagree, make a claim of his/her own and comment on...
47. is focused on using aggregate statistics to let users find out what the rest of the world thinks abo...


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