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Top 113 Free Travel Apps

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Travel applications help users plan trips and learn about distance places through articles, reviews and photos posted by professionals and online communities. AppAppeal ranks all travel apps based on worldwide popularity.

TripIt is a free travel organiser tool. TripIt automatically saves and organises data from forwarded booking confirma...
Google Maps is a free web-based mapping application. Shows aerial photos, traffic, directions and 360 degree view of ...
Yahoo! Maps offers driving directions, satellite view and real-time traffic information.
TravelMuse offers users a convenient way to make travel plans. The site helps users discover new destinations and att...
Tripwolf takes elements from many popular travel sites and puts them in one, convenient place. Users can search for t...
The EveryTrail application is a geo-tracking application that helps users share trips, find great things to do and co...
Yapta conducts daily price checks on the specific flights and hotels that you choose, and alerts you when prices drop.
RoomKey helps you search hotel deals from other travel sites.
Where I've Been allows its users to find locally, travel globally and share everything.
Hipmunk is building interfaces for searching, browsing, and filtering your flight search results.
Skyscanner provides comparison on flight prices, as well as price comparison for hotels, car hire and holidays.
12. provides a location-aware weather forecast application.
Crowdmap is a tool that allows you to crowdsource information and see it on a map and timeline.
14. is a marketplace that lets users book their travel experiences directly from local providers.
Rome2rio is a travel search engine that covers all major methods of transportation.
16. generates personalized trip plans including attractions, hotels and restaurants.
17. is a hotel room database with personalized room recommendations.
18. gives users a way to save money while traveling.
19. connects people who have space to spare with those who are looking for a place to stay.
Google Flights is Google’s version of the many airfare search tools available on the web today. The application helps...
Tripl helps users plan their trips around people rather than places. The user can see who live nearby, their interest...
Tripping gives internet users a fun, interactive way to plan a trip and see everything a community has to offer. User...
TravelLink is a valuable resource for anyone planning a vacation or trip. The site maintains a large, active communit...
Gidsy gives users a market to buy and sell tours and activities. Users can find unique opportunities for entertainmen...
FlightFox presents internet users with a quick way to find the best flights for any trip. The user submits a contest ...
Gelpme helps travelers receive honest answers to destination-based questions. Users can share their personal travel ...
Hummba presents travelers with another way to learn about the areas they visit. The application provides information ...
Fathom helps you plan trips, dream up ideal travel locations and connect with other travellers of a similar mindset.
Roadtrippers helps users effectively plan their next journey. The application helps users map out the trip and add c...
Travelocity is one of the most popular online travel searches available. The website gives users a number of simple f...
31. shows users the current and upcoming weather conditions. Users can view animated maps for global, regiona...
32. is a unique weather mapping tool that lets users customize the data displayed. Built in Google Maps ...
33. lets users explore popular city destinations. The site provides downloadable travel guides that can be...
MapQuest helps users find directions and other map-related information. Users can seek out local businesses, view sat...
Ask Maps and Directions is an online mapping service which provides satellite images, walking and driving directions ...
Tripwiser helps users plan their trips and get inspired by other travellers.
TVtrip video guide provides professionaly filmed hotel videos in key destinations around the world.
TripnTale lets users easily showcase where they have traveled to or trips they have taken.
NileGuide helps travelers discover and connect to the most satisfying and relevant travel experiences.
40. helps you discover attractions, restaurants and hotels around the world, collect interesting places in your ...
Kukunu is a social travel planning service powered by travelers.
Goby is a search engine focused on exploring fun things to do with your free time.
Adioso is a travel search engine for adventurous travellers.
Wanderfly is a recommendation engine that helps you discover new experiences, based on your budget and interests.
Create a trip plan, and Gogobot helps you find top places and recommendations from friends.
FlightCaster is an online flight delay prediction tool.
47. is a site where users can search, compare and book private jet flights.
48. is a travel tool for creating personalized trips.
Bing Maps provides maps, driving directions, local traffic information and business locations.
50. helps users find accommodations outside of a traditional hotel room.

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