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Top 7 Free Timeline Apps

1 to 7 based on popularity

Timeline applications let users build functional chronological presentations complete with text, dates, images, videos and other online and uploaded content. AppAppeal ranks all timeline apps based on worldwide popularity.

1. allows you to combine your videos, photos, blogs and mp3s into rich multimedia storylines.
Timetoast users can create their own interactive timelines, which can be shared on the web.
Timewiki allows users to construct elegant timelines for any occasion or series of events. Users can add photos, Twit...
Moment Garden helps parents to collect, save and share precious moments of their children with the people that matter...
5. gives users an easy way to build and curate a timeline. Users can gather real-time sources from search ser...
Preceden is an online tool for making timelines.
7. lets users build a simple but functional timeline based on anything they like. The application offers ...

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