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Top 127 Free Task Management Apps

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Task management applications give users a place to build an online to-do list that can be kept private or assigned to others. AppAppeal ranks all task management apps based on worldwide popularity.

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Field service management solution with a native mobile app
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Mobile apps
AtTask provides tools to help teams manage projects more effectively and efficiently.
theDeadline gives individuals and teams a way to record, track and update tasks. Users can see all recent activity an...
Add to-dos, notes, and images. Share it with your friends.
5. is a task management tool, which can sync with mobile phones.
6. is an online work platform where you can use hundreds of work apps or build your own.
7. is a task management app for the web, email and mobile devices.
8. helps users manage their schedule one day at a time. The user can add tasks for the current and following...
Wunderkit provides users with a space to create and manage projects. Users can invite others, make projects public an...
Cohuman provides a solution designed to coordinate people and manage projects more intelligently.
Moredays introduces a beautiful, functional way to save memories and mange daily life. The user can schedule events a...
iTrackmine is an online tool to manage and organize collections of all sizes.
ProofHQ offers users an easier way to get feedback and approval. The application lets users upload files and share th...
14. provides user with a simple way to organize tasks. Users can create multiple to do lists with headers ...
KanbanTool assists users with tasks by creating an efficient space to organize, manage and follow work. Users can col...
Remindeo gives users a simple way to save information and avoid missing an important date or occasion. Users can set ...
Pegby is a simple task management system that incorporates a user friendly drag and drop interface. Users can create ...
BrightNest helps homeowners keep their living space safe and healthy. Users can track basic maintenance needs of thei...
Smartsheet provides online collaboration software to help you to track projects, sales pipelines, or other types of w...
The Orchestra application connects a person's to-do list to others so that organization and productivity are achieved.
InspectHub offers centralized tools for almost any kind of inspection. Users can manage personal and professional ins...
22. provides users with a way to plan and complete projects one step at a time.
Producteev will help you manage your tasks from wherever you’re comfortable working, including Instant Messenger, E-m...
A workspace, visualization, collaboration and project management app.
iDoneThis is a great way for teams and management to stay connected while not being overtly obtrusive.
A time management, to-do list, and project management app.
Wunderlist is a task manager for the web and mobile devices.
CreationFlow is a collaboration and project management tool that provides the opportunity for reviews and approvals.
29. is an online implementation of Kanban to visualize your workflow and manage your team resources.
30. is a project management and collaboration software that helps you manage, schedule, discuss, work and co...
Project Bubble is a tool for managing your projects, client and invoices.
Remember the Milk is an organizational application that helps users manage their day to day tasks.
Goplan lets you keep track of your projects and collaborate with your colleagues.
Get organized and stay motivated with this easy to use to-do task list.
Vitalist is online software for getting things done. Organize your actions and projects online.
OnStage is an online workspace, collaboration, and project management tool.
Comindware gives teams a place to collaborate while streamlining workflow. The application includes many vital tools ...
ConceptShare is a tool for gathering feedback. Share media and invite others to add and reply to comments, approve ar...
Springpad gives you a place to save anything you want to remember.
HeapNotes gives users a highly customizable way to store information. Users can build tables and apply colors, unique...
FacileThings helps people manage their activites, time and entire life. It is based on the methodology about getting...
Labguru was created to assist users with experiments and lab work. Users can upload documents and link them to specif...
The Taskforce application helps people convert their emails into tasks that need to be completed.
The Kanban2go application uses the concept of a kanban or billboard to organize tasks. The application can help keep...
Music Teacher's Helper is a software that provides music teachers with assistance as they plan their music lessons, b...
Deadline is a simple calendar. Type in a sentence and it will try to understand the date, time and location. Search f...
Kanbanery is a project board tool for Scrum and Kanban teams and for personal task management.
Rocketr is a place where users can create online notebooks and build that notebook into something great by collaborat...
Central Desktop provides a complete SaaS solution for businesses to collaborate, manage projects and connect their pe...
42tasks is a task management and collaboration tool.


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