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Top 31 Free Survey Apps

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Survey applications provide professional and casual users with a way to ask website visitors and customers direct questions complete with customizable interfaces and response stats. AppAppeal ranks all survey apps based on worldwide popularity.

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FluidSurveys lets users create their own online forms and questionnaires. The forms can be send to clients or filled ...
SurveyMonkey is a great tool that can help users create and publish custom surveys in a matter of minutes. They then ...
Survey Analytics offers enterprise-focused research tools. Users can work in multiple languages and create benchmarks...
Survey Anyplace gives users the ability to create eye-catching surveys that can be displayed on any mobile device. Cu...
Datafield is a data collection tool that works on mobile devices. Users can build surveys and gather vital informatio...
SurveyGizmo is a survey tool for designing online surveys, collecting data and performing analysis.
SurveyTool allows you to quickly and easily create a wide variety of surveys to gauge modds in social media, employee...
Survs is a collaborative tool that enables you to create, deploy and analyze online surveys.
PopSurvey gives users an easy way to construct attractive surveys that will entice others to respond. The user can ch...
ANASurvey provides individuals and companies with a quick, easy way to build professional surveys. Users can add logo...
Murvey is an online, cloud-based survey tool for creating and managing surveys.
UserReport gives website owners and managers a simple way to test their site design. Users can work with 25 language...
An app which allows users to create beautiful, professional surveys.
Ask Your Target Market allows professionals and businesses to pose direct questions to a specific audience. Users ca...
SurveyMoz is an online survey tool that lets users gather data easily. The application includes custom skins, templat...
Smart Survey is an online survey builder that gives users many customization options. Users can share surveys by emai...
DataCracker is designed to help users decipher survey results. The application presents data in easy to read formats ...
ProProfs lets users build functional online surveys that are easy to share. Users can apply logos, branding elements,...
SurveyRock lets users create custom surveys and send them out in just a few clicks. Users can view real time results ...
AskItOnline is a platform where questions can be asked through surveys and polls.
QuestionForm is a tool for creating, publishing and analysing online surveys and forms.
Rational Survey provides an online service to create, manage and distribute questionnaire based surveys and polls.
Surveypal creates engaging surveys and it provides a useful tool for data collection, analysis and reporting.
24. is an insight generation and acquisition system that engages people and receives their input based on vari...
CheckMarket is an online survey builder that gives users more control. Surveys can be sent via different channels and...
26. allows users to create surveys that run on their own website.
Create Surveys provides users with a number of ways to build a unique, functional survey form. The application allows...
28. offers companies a new take on the traditional customer survey. Users can create and send surveys to as many ...
Create you own online surveys, collect responses from people you yourself invite and analyze the results.
30. is web based software for creating and distributing surveys.
Survey Legend is an online survey app that is marketed toward both personal and business use. It has limitations, suc...

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