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Top 111 Free Storage & Sharing Apps

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Storage and sharing applications make it possible for users to upload files that can be passed on to others by email or with a link. AppAppeal ranks all storage & sharing apps based on worldwide popularity.

51. is a real-time file sharing service. Real-time statistics tell you exactly how many people downloaded them.
BitLet is a simple BitTorrent applet that lets you download any torrent file directly in your browser.
RapidShare users can store large files online and access them wherever they are and share them with friends.
Zoho Viewer lets users upload documents for viewing or sharing it online.
Listoid is a place to discover and vote up the best user created lists.
Fluxiom provides a platform to store, share and organize your media files.
57. is a simple file hosting service that allows you to easily transfer large files.
58. provides a service to send large files over the internet.
59. users can create, share and compare lists of things.
60. is a digital publishing platform delivering the reading experience of magazines.
61. gives users a place to store and organize files.
Doxo is an application designed for the average consumer who needs a better way to sort their household documents. Us...
63. assists users in saving and storing notes online.
Hiper URL makes it easier for users to send up to five links at once. The application transforms the links into one s...
65. offers users a quick, easy way to build a simple text list. Users can share their lists through Google Plu...
Drawpr gives internet users a simple file sharing solution that is ideal for personal and casual use. Users can quic...
LedgerDocs was created to streamline the communication process between business owners and bookkeepers. Users can sto...
Streaky invites internet users to share files of up to 2 GBs each for free. The application is extremely easy to use ...
GetVega lets users create a practical smart list for any purpose. Users can compare prices and sizes or see what othe...
Sharing things online has become a common activity and the application makes it easy to share things privately.
71. describes itself as the "ultimate URL shortening and link sharing network."
Doocuments is an application for exchanging VIP documents via email easily and securely. It integrates with existing ...
Droplr is a file sharing application that uses a cloud based system to share files via multiple means.
Dropcanvas is a very simple filesharing application.
Personal cloud-based storage.
Filecamp provides file sharing, digital asset management and integrated online proofing.
77. users can send large files over the internet. Sending these files by email can be hard and YouSendIt le...
GigaSize lets you upload movies, games music and photos and store them online for instant access and sharing.
79. enables you to send your large files online without clogging up your or your recipients inbox.
Fileshare HQ provides professional users with the ability to share and send large files to their clients and staff.
Take long URLs and snip them into a snipurl that is short, memorable, and easy to share.
List your owned, watched, read or played items and share with friends.
83. is a document marketplace where students can upload and download all of their class documents.
84. makes sharing pictures easy. Minus lets you drag files from your desktop and folders directly to your brows...
85. lets users shorten multiple urls into one.
86. is a free image, video, audio, flash and file hosting provider.
87. provides a large file delivery service.
DivShare is a document and media sharing service.
goPileus is a simple online file sharing service.
90. provides a simple file hosting service.
91. is an online service to create and share collaborative lists.
92. is a file storage and transfer service.
93. shortens URLs for users.
94. helps user shorten and share URLs privately.
95. is a link shortener to promote personal brands and interests.
96. lets users create their own magazine style content site.
97. allows users to shorten any URL. is owned by HootSuite Media.
98. makes it easy for users to create new top 10 lists. Users can also share their opinions about what items sh...
99. lets users create a list on any topic and share it with a larger online community. Users can discuss a...
LargeDocument gives internet users a quick, easy way to share large files online. The user can obtain a file sharing ...

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