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Top 12 Free Start Page Apps

1 to 12 based on popularity

Start page applications provide users with a personalized homepage that is accessible as soon as the user opens an internet browser. AppAppeal ranks all start page apps based on worldwide popularity.

Netvibes provides users with a personalized homepage that supports over 200,000 applications. The user can pick and c...
2. lets users create a start page full of their favorite links. The user can sort links and automatically see w...
iGoogle gives users a simple personalized homepage with a wide variety of customization options. Users can choose fro...
My Yahoo is a customizable web page with news, stock quotes, weather, and many other features.
Symbaloo is a unique visual bookmarking tool that helps users keep their favorite links in order. Webmix collections ...
Protopage is your personal page where you can read your own selection of news and blogs, keep bookmarks, sticky notes...
STARTME is intended to help users organize and store their favorite sites. The application is simple to use and lets ...
Middlespot offers a service to collect and organize anything on a borderless, drag and drop surface.
9. is a customizable start page for your web browser, iPad, or iPhone.
Only2Clicks gives users a visual way to organize their bookmarks. The application is user friendly with a drag and dr...
Transferr allows users to add their favorite websites as icons to a personal page.
12. is a personal start page for bookmarking, searching and sharing sites.

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