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Top 25 Free Sports Apps

1 to 25 based on popularity

Sports applications help users track their growth as players in many sports and physical activities with run trackers, exercise videos and sport-specific features. AppAppeal ranks all sports apps based on worldwide popularity.

With BlooSee, users can learn more about oceans, explore various parts of the ocean and also upload photos.
RunKeeper gives users a place to track their workout sessions. The application applies fun and social elements to enc...
WorkoutSpots helps athletes and health-minded individuals find the best places to exercise in their community. User c...
Footbo is a online community which provides fans with a one-stop solution for all their football needs.
Sportsvite helps you to manage sports teams online, organize schedules, find players and activity partners, and join ...
WalkJogRun offers a way to plan running routes by drawing them out on a map.
The StatSheet Network is a collection of sports sites designed to give sports fans the information and analysis they ...
Are You Watching This?! will hit you up by email or text message with the score, time left, and channel you need to t...
9. users can track and share their workouts.
A community-based app for tracking exercise and improving personal performance.
11. lets you play fantasy sports. Players can draft a new team at any time, and pitch it head-to-head against...
BeterZ is an online sports fantasy betting and social networking site.
With Konkuri you can create a tournament site, schedule date and time of every match, edit results, write the tournam...
Track your workouts, find fitness programs, journal your calories, and stay motivated to live a healthy life.
Sportmeets is an online service that aims to help more people play and engage in recreational sports.
Sports Reference serves their users with the easy-to-use and complete sports statistics.
17. is a community web site for runners and joggers who want to share their knowledge.
18. gives users a place to enjoy their favorite activities.
19. offers fantasy football players a collection of tools to give them an edge each season. Users can revi...
LockerBlogger is a platform for sports community to celebrate pro and amateur achievement, access coaching education ...
21. is a simple aerobics game that makes your exercise entertaining.
22. informs parents and kids of the best World Cup matches and when to watch these games.
GAIN Fitness provides personal trainer workouts, customized to your body and goals.
Quickish publishes real-time news recommendations to help you keep up with things that are happening.
Fitness Tracker keeps track of your exercise and improvement in your regular workouts as well as your nutrition. It a...

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