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Top 164 Free Reference Apps

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Reference applications provide internet users with a searchable collection of data that is general or based around a specific theme or interest. AppAppeal ranks all reference apps based on worldwide popularity.

151. is a question and answer site owned by Demand Media.
Infloox users can discover influential people's influential works.
Bestuff users can bookmark their best stuff in the world.
Askville is a question and answer site owned by Amazon.
155. gives users a way to find data on people from a number of free online sources.
A social bookmarks manager that allows categorization via custom tags. Offers several tools to share content, includi...
Transferr allows users to add their favorite websites as icons to a personal page.
With bookmarklet you can search for and use the bookmarklet you need without leaving the website you're ...
Join one of the hundreds of thousands of discussions already started by myLot members, or start your own.
Tidy Favorites was developed to simplify the generation and management of PC browser bookmarks.
Spezify is a search tool presenting results from a large number of websites in different visual ways.
162. promises users to avoid scam sites based on unbiased data.
163. is a community-driven questions and answers site.
164. is a personal start page for bookmarking, searching and sharing sites.

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