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Reference applications provide internet users with a searchable collection of data that is general or based around a specific theme or interest. AppAppeal ranks all reference apps based on worldwide popularity.

Google Bookmarks is a free service to store and manage your favorite web pages.
Freebase provides a Creative Commons licensed repository of structured data of millions of entities.
53. is a Q&A site for entrepreneurs looking to start or run a business.
54. is a search engine.
55. is a marketplace for structured data and statistics.
Aviary Falcon Image Markup allows users to easily markup images online.
57. gives internet users a place to learn how to do almost anything.
Insidr provides users with an alternative to support from a large company. The user can post questions and receive an...
Hopper provides users with a simple content saving solution that takes no time to learn. Users can utilize a bookmark...
Wisdio is a place to discover and build social wisdom. For example, users can ask questions or search for user-approv...
Beepl provides internet users with a large community of curious and informed people. Users can pose a question, which...
Juxtapost gives users a place to store all of their favorite things online. The user can add images, text, links and ...
Stealth is a search engine that allows its users search the web without the fear or concern of their information bein...
Ixquick is a search engine that uses metasearch capabilities to provide users with search results from other search e...
A.nnotate is an app where users can review online documents and collaborate on content.
Co-ment is an online text annotation tool that can be used for collaborative writing projects.
Small Demons leads users on a winding journey through the books they love to places they've never known.
VerticalSet is a search engine that can be adjusted to optimize the search performance.
69. helps users find others in their area to make friends or business connections. The user can work with many un...
Degree3 is a socia question and answer website that creates a community of support for users.
The MiNeeds application provides a platform fro users to post jobs or service needs and also receive bids for jobs th...
STARTME is intended to help users organize and store their favorite sites. The application is simple to use and lets ...
Reddit provides users with a simple way to explore new areas on the web. The site lists a huge collection of unique w...
Users can build and customize their search portal on any topic, and share and distribute the social search widget to ...
Hakia is a unique search engine that focuses on meaning rather than keyword popularity. Users can enter a question or...
Middlespot offers a service to collect and organize anything on a borderless, drag and drop surface.
Bukisa provides how-to, informational and educational content. It is both an aggregator and a user generated content ...
78. is a shared revenue social media community. Content developers can publish their material and create a...
Wink is a people search engine. Find people by name and get their phone number, address, websites, photos, work, scho...
Howcast shows consumers how-to videos and guides wherever, whenever they need to learn how.
Wolfram|Alpha's goal is to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable and accessible to everyone.
82. is the place where parents with young children can find and contribute kid-ready information about how the ...
Faviki is a social bookmarking tool that allows you to tag webpages you want to remember using Wikipedia terms.
This Is Like is a collaborative system of associations: people can add items, link them together, and vote on already...
PeekYou's people search engine allows you to find, contact, and track anyone online.
ZoomInfo offers business information on people and companies in the world.
BackType is a conversational search engine. BackType lets you see what people are saying about topics and web pages t...
5min is a syndication platform for broadband instructional, knowledge and lifestyle videos.
Ask Fluther, and they will direct your question to people who can help.
Scour's purpose is to bridge the gap between searchers and relevant results by providing a platform for users to vote...
BestThinking is an open access publisher and syndicator of journal quality content, and a place to publish and networ...
Yahoo! Answers is a place where people ask and answer questions on any topic.
123people is a real time people search tool. You can find images, videos, phone numbers, email addresses, social netw...
In 10 questions or less, will offer you a recommendation to address your choice, problem, or dilemma, on th...
PicClick is a visual shopping interface for eBay, Amazon, Etsy, PlentyOfFish, Yelp, Allrecipes and Google.
Quora is a continually improving collection of questions and answers created, edited, and organized by everyone who u...
KGBPeople is a free people search tool to find individuals across the USA.
Askalo is a free Q&A website that helps you with all of your local questions and answers.
Qwerly is a whois for Twitter. It generate a simple profile with links to that person's other social media profiles.
Stack Overflow is a programming questions and answers site.

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