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Top 354 Free Planning Apps

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Planning applications give individuals, companies and professionals a way to schedule appointments, events and important dates using online calendars and sharing tools. AppAppeal ranks all planning apps based on worldwide popularity.

301. is an appointment scheduling solution intended for salons and spas. Business owners can improve the...
302. assists users in completing projects and meeting their goals. The application offers functionality that w...
303. offers individuals and businesses a better way to keep track of their hours worked. Users can easily mon...
304. helps companies schedule customer appointments.
305. provides companies with a collection of valuable tools.
306. supplies companies with an array of tools to improve customer relations, stay on top of social media and ...
307. helps users set and manage their goals based on results. The app is aimed at managers and employees.
Subernova gives users a way to keep track of project progress, payments, hours worked and more. Users can schedule em...
LazyMeter is a smart and neat web based application that aims at handling tasks and organising it in order to be able...
AndBang is an easy and effective collaboration tool that helps improve team productivity.
Eventarc describes itself as "the world's best solution for creating online event registration pages."
Astrid provides users with a way to build to do lists on the web or by mobile device. Users can synchronize tasks and...
Capsule offers users event planning, photo sharing and mass communication tools.
WhenShallWe is an app that makes scheduling upcoming dates, meetings and events for everyone involved in an easy way.
TwitDo creates a manageable to do list using Twitter as a base. Users can add items to the list, mark items as compl...
Task Resolver is a simple, online to-do list.
Eisenhower is a free app that creates to do lists and helps you organize them based on importance and urgency. It is...
Hear It Local uses social media to bring together musicians, promoters and others in the music business to raise the ...
Gantto is a web app that allows you to create, share, back up and manage Gantt charts to help you keep on schedule wi...
ScrumWise lets you manage and direct software or application development by a team by organizing roles and dividing t...
Gtdagenda App lets users manage all their goal setting and scheduling needs in one place. Users can create tasks and ...
322. is an online tool to organize your business and share information. Backpack is developed by 37signals.
Zenbe Lists helps users accomplish tasks.
Project2Manage is an online project management system that allows you to stay up-to-date, on task and connected with ...
MeetingMix is an online agenda and minutes template that you can share with attendees.
Write down your mission statement, identify your values, track your weekly goals and work on what really matters.
Challenge your Twitter and Facebook friends to small bursts of exercise.
PledgeBank is a site to help people get things done, especially things that require several people.
Fyesta provides a service that enables users to share upcoming travel and event plans with selected friends.
MyNoteIt lets you take, edit and share notes online.
Joe's Goals is a simple service to create, track, and share your personal goals.
332. helps users to manage tasks and schedules and get things done effectively.
Eventle provides a service to plan and organize events and meetups.
Thoughtboxes helps you organize all of the things that are important to you.
Cronsync is a web based time tracking and billing tool.
336. is a goal setting community.
Teamelio is a collaborative task management service for teams.
338. is an online to-do list manager.
339. allows users to store all their thoughts, things and URLs.
340. provides online appointment scheduling services for service related businesses.
341. helps users organize their time with to-do lists.
342. assists companies and groups with organizing projects.
343. provides users with an easy way to record and organize notes online.
TaskBooster assists users in meeting goals and completing daily and weekly tasks. Users can enter tasks and goals and...
RoutineTap gives users a place to record any daily habit they want to monitor. The user can record their progress tow...
BubbleView allows people to visualize lists of items and easily move them around a whitespace.
Daily Todo is a simple tool that allows users to track their daily tasks.
NowDoThis is a task list of reminders.
Aherk is meant to help you achieve goals by what it calls “social blackmailing.” If you don’t achieve a stated goal, ...
Eventot helps users discover events, find out where friends are going and meet up.

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