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Top 354 Free Planning Apps

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Planning applications give individuals, companies and professionals a way to schedule appointments, events and important dates using online calendars and sharing tools. AppAppeal ranks all planning apps based on worldwide popularity.

Wakerupper is a telephone reminder service that aims to make telephone alerts as simple as possible.
Teamly is a productivity tool that helps you and your staff move beyond your mile-long to-do lists and focus on your ...
253. is a popular online to-do list tool.
Monkey On Your Back is your to-do list for things you want other people to do.
Workflowy allows users to create a flow of ideas organized in a list.
GigsWiz helps bands to collect requests about where fans would like to hear them play live.
Tom's Planner allows you to store, share and manage your schedules online.
TeuxDeux is a simple to-do app for the web and mobile.
Less Time Spent is a simple time tracking solution for freelancers.
Tick is a time tracking application focused on helping you hit your budgets.
Banckle provides collaborative and social apps to increase business productivity and sales.
262. is an easy to use online todo list, and task manager.
Diary allows users to plan and journal their life, on their mobile or the web.
Bookeo is an online appointment scheduling solution for your business.
265. makes managing people, projects and documents in your business easier.
Fitango helps you get things done and achieve your goals in life.
Less Projects is a project task management application created by LessEverything.
268. helps you to keep track of all your notes, todos dates, and tags in a text based format.
DoAttend helps users to manage events online. Create and sell tickets, offer discounts, collect attendee data during ...
TaskAnt is an online project and task management tool for flat teams.
Checkvist helps users to create, share, and collaborate on task lists and outlines.
LooseStitch lets you create and share outliner documents.
273. is an online group task management application.
Speckle lets you manage your to-dos with multiple check-boxes per item.
Eventzilla is an online event registration and ticketing service for anyone hosting an event.
Cozimo is a site for creative teams to get feedback and collaborate on visual media.
NeedtoMeet is an online tool that helps users to find a time to meet.
MyClientSpot provides a project collaboration platform for small business, virtual professionals and freelancers.
BrixHQ is online agile project management and collaboration software.
WorkTimer is a service for recording project hours for your company.
DocMeIn is an appointment scheduling service for private medical practices.
282. is a location-based commitment app.
283. is a basic task management tool.
284. is a personal content management system where users can capture, organize and sync all sorts of private inf...
285. is a online appointment scheduling service for service providers.
286. helps users manage their team and company by offering tools for timesheet management and invoicing.
287. is a web-based project management tool for freelancers.
288. is a web-based note-taking service.
289. helps users create, record and collaborate on real time ideas.
290. is web-based business goal management software that helps teams meet their goals.
291. allows users to collaborate on a to do list. Share to do lists and let them pick a task.
292. is a project management application with many features.
OffBureau provides users with basic collaboration tools to help them organize projects and complete tasks. Users can ...
Nyabag helps users organize their personal life in a way that is fun and engaging. The user can maintain a diary, add...
Qubity gives users many ways to view project and task data. Each viewing option allows the user to sort information i...
AllHours gives employers an easy way to keep track of hours worked within their company. The user can view who is cu...
Clockodo brings small businesses and freelancers a better way to manage their time tracking tasks. Reports can be ge...
298. helps the average person plan their next event.
Hosted Notes is an organizational tool for developers and designers who manage multiple credentials. Although the ap...
300. helps professional teams keep track of tasks and accomplish goals. The application takes a concise a...

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