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Top 354 Free Planning Apps

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Planning applications give individuals, companies and professionals a way to schedule appointments, events and important dates using online calendars and sharing tools. AppAppeal ranks all planning apps based on worldwide popularity.

SelectTheDate provides uses with a foolproof way to choose the best date for an important event. Users can poll those...
KanbanTool assists users with tasks by creating an efficient space to organize, manage and follow work. Users can col...
BrightNest helps homeowners keep their living space safe and healthy. Users can track basic maintenance needs of thei...
Planbox provides teams with a way to track all their Agile projects. The application includes collaboration tools, fi...
Wikido is a simple search for local events. Users can discover what’s going on in their area with images, headlines a...
Ubooq gives business owners a way to accept appointments after hours. Users can set up an account and accept booking ...
Planspot is an all-in-one online event marketing tool . Users can reach large audiences and expand exposure to produc...
158. allows users to easily manage many vital aspects of a project in one virtual location. Users can d...
Eventjoy is a ticketing application that makes life easier for event organizers. Build a custom website and mobile ap...
Everhour is a time management tool designed for freelancers and businesses. Users can track time, view reports and co...
Socializr allows users to send customized online event invitations and share events with friends for free.
162. helps users to find local events in your town or across the world.
Anyvite offers an easy way to create invitations and invite your friends to events.
OnStage is an online workspace, collaboration, and project management tool.
Deadline is a simple calendar. Type in a sentence and it will try to understand the date, time and location. Search f...
CreationFlow is a collaboration and project management tool that provides the opportunity for reviews and approvals.
Amiando offers a service that allows you to sell tickets or professionally register your attendees for your own event.
Tungle makes it easier to schedule meetings, publish your free/busy schedule and share calendars across companies and...
Giveamonkey helps to find party venues, create invites to events and create wish lists.
Meetup makes it easy for anyone to organize a local group or find one of the thousands already meeting up face-to-face.
YourAM can be used for busy individuals or large organizations that need to automatically track, organize and manage ...
ScheduleOnce provides meeting scheduling solutions for organizations using Google Apps.
Apollo is an online project and contact management service.
Ability to create nested project structures with triggers for task flow. 3 formats to provide customer support.
175. is a project management and collaboration software that helps you manage, schedule, discuss, work and co...
Lifetick is web based software that brings together goal setting and achievement.
GroupSpaces is a free platform to help real-world groups and communities manage themselves online.
178. is an online time tracking, income tracking and invoicing tool for individuals and businesses.
Integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive, Quickbooks, and more. Social Project Networking for team status updates.
Bandize helps bands take control of their careers by giving them a simple way to get organized.
Guestlistapp allow users to sell tickets to their event online and expand their audience. Manage attendees and cashfl...
ScheduleThing makes it possible to take your scheduling and reservations to the web.
42tasks is a task management and collaboration tool.
184. provides a platform to make an appointment online.
185. is a free project management solution.
186. is a collaborative project management service for small and middle groups.
187. is a meeting room planner and resource management service.
OnePageOnly Business Solutions helps users track billable hours. They can also track projects and people assigned to ...
189. assists businesses with their scheduling needs.
190. gives users a way to accomplish their goals by using visual goal management tools.
Coconut Calendar provides small businesses with a convenient way to manage client appointments. Users can accept appo...
Labguru was created to assist users with experiments and lab work. Users can upload documents and link them to specif...
Happy ToDos is a team project management tool that lets users schedule and monitor project tasks. Users can see time ...
WorkMate provides users with a conveniently simple way to manage projects online. The user can choose from a handful ...
SittingAround is an online community that caters to parents and babysitters. Users can offer child care services or f...
196. is a tool that organizes a user's long term goals or resolutions and helps them track their progress.
197. is an app that helps users track and monitor their progress daily on their journey to accomplishing their...
Social Workout is an online community dedicated to getting its users to achieve their goals and share their progress,...
WhichDateWorks allows users to collaborate together on picking a date that works for everyone for an upcoming event.
BandBook is a free online community that connects bands, fans, managers and venues.

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