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Top 149 Free Planning Apps

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Planning applications give individuals, companies and professionals a way to schedule appointments, events and important dates using online calendars and sharing tools. AppAppeal ranks all planning apps based on worldwide popularity.

Business management for booking-based businesses
101. gives users a number of meeting and scheduling related tools.
GroupCamp Project is designed to help teams manage projects online.
Agreedo helps people organize, follow up to and manage meeting action items.
Cloud-based project management and task organizing.
Doolphy is an online project management tool that helps you to plan, check and control your company projects and thei...
Simplenote is a service to keep notes, ideas, lists, and more.
107. allows employers to track expenses and work hours for hourly and salaried employees.
108. is online timesheet management software.
All-In-One Fitness Management Software
SlimTimer gives professionals and teams a simple way to manage basic time tracking tasks. The user can start and stop...
Pingg offers online invitation creation, event management, guest list creation and event reporting services.
Localist makes it easy for schools and organizations to set up calendars and information resources. Users can add inf...
PurpleTrail gives internet users a place to design and purchase, print or send cards and invitations. Users can add c...
Meetifyr helps friends to find a time when they're all free to meet up.
Punchbowl offers online tools for every phase of party planning.
iTrackmine is an online tool to manage and organize collections of all sizes.
Cohuman provides a solution designed to coordinate people and manage projects more intelligently.
118. helps users manage their schedule one day at a time. The user can add tasks for the current and following...
Moredays introduces a beautiful, functional way to save memories and mange daily life. The user can schedule events a...
UpOut gives users a fun, easy way to find new activities and events going on in their local area. The user can choose...
Remindeo gives users a simple way to save information and avoid missing an important date or occasion. Users can set ...
Pegby is a simple task management system that incorporates a user friendly drag and drop interface. Users can create ...
Grafire offers freelancers a helpful place for them to manage their projects and customers.
iDoneThis is a great way for teams and management to stay connected while not being overtly obtrusive.
Welcu simplifies event planning making it easy to manage invites, checkins and measure results
Google Project Hosting gives users a place to host their open source projects. Users can assign permissions to other...
Wunderkit provides users with a space to create and manage projects. Users can invite others, make projects public an...
The Orchestra application connects a person's to-do list to others so that organization and productivity are achieved.
129. gives professionals a way to manage individual and team or company time. Users can create new project...
Bookappo can be used to schedule appointments and block time periods that are unavailable. This application makes it ...
Sosius is an application that provides an instant external workspace in which users can collaborate in.
JetFolders is a project tracking management systems that enables users track many projects at the same time and also ...
Reshq is an appointment manager application that helps users keep track of their meetings, their people and keep thei...
TeamGantt is a project management software based on the gantt chart system for planning, tracking progress, and commu...
BandLoot helps musician keep track of which band members have paid and which still need to contribute. Users can trac...
TuOtempo gives health care professionals a simple way to manage patients online. Users can synchronize agendas and se...
Lifecrowd helps you find, organize, advertise and coordinate local social events in real life through online planning...
Thinkfuse helps professional teams manage progress with status reports, reminders and more. The application helps kee...
Zokos gives users a convenient, subtle way to ask guests to help cover the cost of a dinner party. The user creates a...
Tabletopplanner provides users with everything they need to create, organize and manage seating charts for events. Th...
ArrangeMySeat provides event planners with a way to plan seating charts and manage RSVPs. Guests can visit a registra...
InspectHub offers centralized tools for almost any kind of inspection. Users can manage personal and professional ins...
VersaHub is a fully functional team task and project organizer. Users can communicate by instant message, video or au...
Wiggio gives users a place to manage all group needs and activities. Any kind of group can sign up and begin hosting ...
A time management, to-do list, and project management app.
An app meant to help music teachers manage their private studios.
Online scheduling software for professionals and small businesses.
An employee time and scheduling management app.
149. provides user with a simple way to organize tasks. Users can create multiple to do lists with headers ...
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