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Top 132 Free Photo Apps

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Photo applications offer users a wide range of image editing tools as well as virtual galleries to organize, store and share photographs. AppAppeal ranks all photo apps based on worldwide popularity.

PhotoMerchant is an application for photographers to use for displaying portfolios and creating a platform for online...
TinyPic lets internet users easily upload and share images. The site offers a simple service that works with video, p...
Phombo gives internet users a place to gather and share their favorite online photographs. Users can contribute to al...
54. is an application for creating slideshows with music and effects to be shared via social media sites. Users ...
Steply lets users share photos from many photo apps and discover others.
TwitPic lets you share photos on Twitter in real-time.
LoonaPix is an app that people can use to spruce up or make their photos special.
Photobucket is a platform for uploading, sharing, linking and finding photos, videos and graphics.
Enthread is a simple photo-editing application.
Vector Magic converts bitmap (aka raster) images into vector images through an easy-to-use web interface.
GraphicSprings is a logo maker that offers users a free way to create an image for their brand. The three step proces...
FontStruct lets you create fonts constructed out of geometrical shapes, which are arranged in a grid pattern, like ti...
Hipster is a photo sharing website where users can create postcards of their photos and easily share their current ac...
Pixable provides a method for shaing photos with others in a way that allows the user benefit from receiving photos t...
65. gives users an easy way to edit their photographs online. Registration is not required.
Panoramio is a photo-sharing community. Discover the world through satellite photos.
Photo Effects is a mobile app that works with Apple and Android smartphones. Add stickers, borders and filters or cre...
CanvasDropr is a fun and creative way to collaborate, share images, pictures and videos with others.
69. lets users store and share their photos online, create slideshows and print photos digitally online with ...
Automatically make your own social slide show in seconds. Pick music, zoom to the best parts, add comments in the sho...
The Rhyms application provides a forum for media discussions through media. Images can be rhymed with other images t...
DropMocks provides an easy way to create and share image galleries online.
73. is an event focused photo sharing tool. Users can create albums for specific events and invite all atten...
74. develops image interaction tools.
75. users can create and share a scrapbook memory of events.
76. allows users to upload, edit & design photos using online tools.
ImageSpike provides users with a better way to tag images. Users can apply interactive hotspots that share informatio...
Mugtug is a suite of photo and image editing software that works with any browser, tablet or netbook.
Psykopaint is an online painting application which select the colors from an image and apply it to your brush automat...
80. offers users a quick, convenient way to upload and share images on the web. The user can drag and drop a pict...
81. is a service to explore and share wildlife pictures.
Zooomr provides a social utility for people who want to share photos and communicate.
PhotoRocket gives users a convenient way to organize and share their photos online. Friends and family can be invited...
Snapixel is a photo sharing community and stock photography marketplace, providing photographers with the tools to up...
Draftboard helps designers to receive feedback on designs in one simple interface.
RedBubble is an art community featuring wall art, design, t-shirts and photography by artists worldwide.
Flockdraw is a drawing tool. You can have unlimited people in a room and it updates in real time.
Designer Pages is a manufacturer–generated search platform to help designers search, save, and share product informat...
89. provides users a tool to share, annotate and archive their life experiences through photos.
Zenfolio is a photography hosting service for your online galleries.
Yogile is a photo sharing service that makes it easy to share images privately and within groups.
92. is an image hosting, photo sharing and photo slideshow service.
93. offers a widget to display zoomable images on the internet.
94. is a site where users can publish, collect and share funny images and videos.
The GigaPan website allows hosting and sharing all kinds of gigapixel panoramas.
Snipshot offers free basic editing tools like crop, rotate and resize. You can use Snipshot on your own site with the...
Pixton gives anyone the power to create comics on the web.
Pinspire provides users with a space to bookmark and share their favorite things. Users can create board and explore ...
Fotolog is a photo-blogging and social networking app.
DoInk is a place to enjoy art and animation, and make your own.


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