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Top 144 Free Office Apps

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Office applications assist users in handling a wide range of personal and professional tasks, including project planning, note organization and presentation creation. AppAppeal ranks all office apps based on worldwide popularity.

101. is an online thesaurus and dictionary of over 145,000 words that you explore using an interactive...
DocRaptor is a service that converts simple HTML to full PDF and XLS documents.
PHP Event Calendar provides functional scheduling tools that can be customized. Users can maintain multiple calendars...
104. is a web based screenwriting service.
105. assists writers with effective content creation.
106. gives users an easy way to take and share notes.
Sketch Swap users can draw something on the screen, and when they're finished they receive a random drawing from some...
108. is a web-based notekeeping service.
109. gives users a way to build and share online slideshows easily.
Diagramo allows you to create, edit and share diagrams online.
111. offers users a new way to create a countdown timer to any kind of occasion.
Placepad allows anyone to create an interactive floor plan with photos and notes.
Discover, create, and share Microsoft Office documents with your Facebook friends.
114. allows users to create an informative, educational presentation on the iPad.
115. is a free online service to manage your online identity with OpenID.
MyID provides users a convenient way to manage many logins and contacts in one place. The user can create one login t...
myVidoop introduces users to a new no-password login method. Users can remember three image categories instead of a t...
118. provides a rich media presentation tool.
Wondersay lets users generate custom animations from plain text.
120. is an online graphing utillity. It plots functions, and displays them with style.
Upload your photos, choose from a variety of slideshow templates and share them with your friends and family.
Present.Me provides a platform to record and share presentations.
AutoCrit Editing Wizard is an instant manuscript editor.
124. allows users to create a user flow chart for their web based products. The application makes it e...
Spaaze provides a visual way to organize pieces of information in one place.
PiratePad is a real-time collaborative text-editor. Everyone viewing a document sees the same text.
Squareleaf is a simple virtual whiteboard, complete with all the sticky notes you need.
Draw Anywhere is a web-based diagramming solution that helps users create process diagrams, flowcharts, organizationa...
DoneCal is a simple calendar you can use to keep track of future events or to record past events.
CoSketch is a multi-user whiteboard designed to give users the ability to visualize and share their ideas as images.
Mindomo is a Web-based mind mapping tool.
Writeboard is a collaborative web-based text editor developed by 37signals.
Koi Writer provides a simple online text editor.
With Linguee, you can search many bilingual texts for words and expressions.
PaperRater analyzes documents and provides in depth analysis to help students improve grammar and writing.
136. is an online tool for creating and sharing simple drawings.
137. allows user to access all their accounts with one set of credentials. The service is owned by Yola.
NotePub provides real time sharing and searching of notes with read/write permissions set for each note and user.
People use to certify their digital identity, certify content they publish over the Internet, such as blog, c...
VCASMO is an online multimedia presentation and sharing solution.
Merriam-Webster provides an online dictionary, thesaurus, spanish-english translations and medical dictionaries.
WiseMapping is a mind mapping tool that leverages the power of Mind Maps mixing new technologies like vectorial langu...
Coolendar is a web based, simple calendar application.
Live Presentations allows you to create, collaborate, and share presentations in a streamlined web-based app.


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