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Top 147 Free Office Apps

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Office applications assist users in handling a wide range of personal and professional tasks, including project planning, note organization and presentation creation. AppAppeal ranks all office apps based on worldwide popularity.

51. allows you to create interactive slideshows and presentations from photos, video and music from your own so...
Dabbleboard is an online collaboration application centered around the whiteboard.
Mitto helps manage credentials for web sites that you login to.
Movavi Online is a free online web service that lets you download videos from video-sharing sites and convert them to...
InstaCalc is a simple and shareable online calculator.
CloudMe consists of a desktop with applications and files that you run through your web browser.
PDFescape is an online PDF editor and PDF form filler.
58. is an online notepad and file sharing service.
Cloudo is a virtual computer that runs right in the web browser.
Twiddla is a real-time web-based collaboration tool.
61. is an online dictionary with very fast results.
FileMinx is a real-time file conversion tool.
63. provides a simple but effective scientific calculator solution.
64. is a web-based mind mapping and brainstorming application.
65. is a cloud-based Web desktop that empowers users to move their complete desktop experience online.
66. helps users improve their documents with editing and proofreading services.
A Web Whiteboard ( gives internet users a budget-friendly way to create a virtual whiteboard. Users can sh...
Calkoo gives internet users a convenient way to calculate almost anything they could possibly need. The application l...
TuCloud provides companies and large organizations with an all-encompassing virtual desktop solution. The user can ch...
MySchoolNotebook provides students with a place to store notes online and offline. Drawings and charts can be added ...
71. is a giant, virtual online whiteboard that users can slap notes onto, collaborate with others or just sto...
72. provides internet users with a quick, easy and effective way to build charts. The application offers a numb...
ChartGo gives users a quick, easy way to build simple charts and graphs online. Users can download their graph or emb...
Shortcal gives internet users a quick way to share a few important dates with others. Users can work in one to seven ...
The Clipperz application is used manage passwords and other online credentials. Users can manage sensitive informati...
HelloSlide makes it easy for presentations to have their content read to the audience without having to have the pres...
SoSlang is a dictionary that is compiled based off of public input.
TMZNS is a free online time zone converter. Users can enter an hour and locations to see the time difference for the ...
Combine presentation slides and audio into web video.
The Cube Anywhere application is used to enhance productivity by quickly tracking time and expenses.
Top Words Like is a tool that helps users find similar words. The search results includes more detail so users can ex...
Zoho Writer is a web based word processor to create, edit and share documents online.
83. is a free online service to manage your online identity with OpenID.
MyID provides users a convenient way to manage many logins and contacts in one place. The user can create one login t...
myVidoop introduces users to a new no-password login method. Users can remember three image categories instead of a t...
Convert any media file format to another format using YouConvertIt.
CompareMyDocs offers parallel word processing comparison so that you can produce text faster and use feedback better.
88. is an online thesaurus and dictionary of over 145,000 words that you explore using an interactive...
89. is a free web application that lets you brainstorm online.
Zoho Personal is your single point access for a host of online office tools.
91. is a browser based online mind mapping application.
Discover, create, and share Microsoft Office documents with your Facebook friends.
Upload your photos, choose from a variety of slideshow templates and share them with your friends and family.
Zoho Calendar allows you to schedule, manage and track your meetings and events.
95. is an online graphing utillity. It plots functions, and displays them with style.
PiratePad is a real-time collaborative text-editor. Everyone viewing a document sees the same text.
Diagramo allows you to create, edit and share diagrams online.
Placepad allows anyone to create an interactive floor plan with photos and notes.
AutoCrit Editing Wizard is an instant manuscript editor.
100. is a web based word processor for people to collaborate in real-time.

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