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Top 68 Free Music Apps

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Music applications cover every genre imaginable with extensive artist information, photos, tour dates, discographies and streaming playlists created by and for the user. AppAppeal ranks all music apps based on worldwide popularity.

Music discovery service finds music based on current likes via profile info. Music, articles, upcoming events listed.
Next Big Sound presents musicians, artists and others in the music industry with an easy way to follow fans and popul...
Application lets users announce the jams that they are feeling that day and browse through tons of other hand-picked ...
4. introduces users to a new, social way to enjoy their favorite musical genres. Users can visit a room wit...
Beatlab is designed for DJs and aspiring DJs who want to create their own music tracks. The application lets users wo...
AudioSauna provides users with an enormous selection of music editing tools. Users can record tracks, export music an...
SellaBand provides up and coming musicians with a way to promote a project and raise funds. Bands can receive donatio...
Stream radio stations from around the world. Search by local, music, sports, news, or talk. See trending stations.
Track band concert tours. Receive emails when tracked bands coming to user area. Early alerts for easy ticket purchase.
Thesixtyone gives internet users a fun, simple way to explore new artists. The site lets users vote on, share and dow...
YouLicense provides a licensing venue for those seeking or offering music and such people include music writers, arti...
Various types of audio may be found or uploaded and shared. Mobile site and app available. Easy social network sharing.
A social network for music enthusiasts.
Streaming Music for a Motivating Fitness Workout
Internet radio that creates custom stations based on user input. Listen to previously created stations or make new ones.
Music lets music fans learn more about the bands and artists they listen to. Users can view discograph...
MOG offers users a way to listen to streaming music online for free or a small monthly fee. The application encourage...
Listen to a continuous stream of songs and DJ your own music station.
StereoPill makes it possible for DJs and event organizers to learn what their audience wants to hear before an event....
Stereomood is a free emotional internet radio that suggests to you the music that best suits your mood and your daily...
Slicethepie is a financing platform for the music industry that enables new and established Artists to raise money di...
22. is a music service consisting of 22 different playlists, each filled with 22 tracks.
Create your own mobile ringtones, mobile wallpapers and nokia themes for your mobile and share with your friends.
Live streaming radio shows created by users. Share and invite others to follow. Set up private listening sessions.
25. lets users enjoy live radio on the web. The site features a wide range of categories, including rock, hip-h...
Download and listen to over 15,000 albums, legally. Use BitTorrent or download directly to discover and share new art...
Stream music on computer or mobile app. Customize existing station by rating songs/artists. User may make own station.
28. provides users with a place to discover and enjoy their favorite musical genres. Users can build play...
Cantanding is an online karaoke machine that lets users choose songs and sing along. Only the music is played so the ...
MTV Music Meter is an app for discovering new music from different sources, especially social media and related chann...
Ex.FM gives users a place to enjoy, explore and share their favorite music online. Users can link their Facebook and ...
32. helps athletic individuals find appropriate music to listen to while jogging, cycling or walking. The user can...
33. helps users express themselves through music. Users can build their own personal radio stations and sha...
AudioBox is a service to let anyone securely store, manage and stream media files online, in a private cloud.
Listen or create a mix to share by streaming. Mixes created by users instead of using algorithms to find tracks.
Vye Music is a rich application with powerful features for music sharing, discovery and streaming.
Sing, hum, or whistle to instantly find your favorite music and connect with a community that shares your musical int...
Podcasts, DJ mixes, radio shows all joined together in “Cloudcasts” to stream. Anyone can upload using Mixcraft free.
Muziic allows you to stream virtually any song or music video on-demand, tune in to hundreds of internet radio statio...
RadioTuna is a real-time search engine for online radio.
We7 is a music website where you can listen to, share and discover music for free.
Frodio is an online radio station service that helps users discover the music they love. The application maintains an...
MySpoonful lets you discover and listen to new independent music.
AccuRadio offers hundreds of personalized radio channels.
Aggregates social media news and posts about music, fashion, entertainment, videos, and photos. Articles, contests.
A Pandora clone that delivers electronic nightclub music.
iLike is a social music discovery service. Users get personalized recommendations and follow what their friends are l...
PLAY.FM is a audio database for DJ and club culture. DJ sets, live recordings and radio sessions can be streamed free...
Songza is a platform where you can create customized internet radio stations, for free.
Listen to your favorite songs and watch related music videos.


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