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Top 22 Free Movie Apps

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Movie applications give film fans a place to discuss current and past productions on forums, read cast lists and watch trailers online. AppAppeal ranks all movie apps based on worldwide popularity.

Critic + audience reviews, trailers, showtimes, DVD reviews. Celebrity news, mobile app. Quick rating look on home page.
Top Movies Like gives internet users a quick way to find film recommendations based on titles they know they love. Us...
Suggestions based on user keyword input. Actor, mood, etc. Results give overview, reviews, trailers, where to rent.
Personal movie tracker. Watch and rate films. Check favorites, join groups, check lists, view charts. Free & paid plans.
Must sign up. Uses rotten tomatoes ratings. Converts DVD to digital. Rent or buy on site. Trailers, clips, cast list.
TV show news, reviews, what’s on. Tracks canceled shows. Forums, articles, actor bios. Full episodes and previews.
Movie reviews, trailers, cast lists, local showtimes, news, TV shows, mobile app free. Pro for those in entertainment.
Criticker is more than just movie recommendations. You are paired with the people whose tastes are most compatible wi...
9. is a personal recommendation service for movies and TV shows.
Nanocrowd analyzes why users like things such as movies and the application also helps users find movies they will en...
Rank movies offered by pairings. Must choose one. No skip. Must see both to rank. Goal to expose users to more movies.
The Great Movie Experiment is compiling a list of the best movies of all time based on votes by users.
13. is an online cinema, community, and film magazine rolled into one.
Inveni is a service to discover movies and tv online.
Previews for in theater and coming soon. Showtimes, special feature videos, interviews, free app. Social media shares.
One movie per day for $5/month-user has 30 days to watch. Obscure films. Site chooses for user. Some subtitled.
17. is a social network where users can follow, discuss and rate their favorite tv shows.
FilmStory is an application that is actually more of a database of chronologically and regionally sorted historical f...
19. ranks all the shows on your TV based on real-time social activity and recommends shows based on what...
20. is a movie checkin, blog, review and recommendation site.
Blog, forum, new movie and DVD releases, video games. Signup to participate. Reviews by users. Create lists of “to see”.
YourNextFilm will let you discover more films and TV shows which your peers have already watched and enjoyed.


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