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Top 8 Free Medical Apps

1 to 8 based on popularity

Medical applications offer detailed information on health conditions and practitioners with doctor searches, disease profiles and networks of patients and experts. AppAppeal ranks all medical apps based on worldwide popularity.

RateADrug is a review website for prescription drugs. It also functions as an online community for those who share i...
With the AdverseEvents application, people can search for information related to drugs and their usage. By using the...
Leafly is a comprehensive resource that helps medical marijuana patients find information on medical marijuana dispen...
Mednar is a free, publicly available medical research site that uses advanced technology to return your results.
5. offers health information, self-improvement and disease management tools to empower people to manage t...
6. helps users learn more about the medications they take.
Clarimed provides access to information about healthcare that is authoritative and comprehensive.
Diagnosia is a resource for medical drug information.

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