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Top 10 Free List Sharing Apps

1 to 10 based on popularity

List sharing applications allow users to build collections of themed items that can be explored by other users or shared through social networks and email. AppAppeal ranks all list sharing apps based on worldwide popularity.

Listnerd gives users a place to compile their own custom lists covering any topic or with any theme they like. The se...
Ranker offers users a platform to create and browse lists about everything, from science to celebrities.
Listoid is a place to discover and vote up the best user created lists.
4. users can create, share and compare lists of things.
5. offers users a quick, easy way to build a simple text list. Users can share their lists through Google Plu...
GetVega lets users create a practical smart list for any purpose. Users can compare prices and sizes or see what othe...
List your owned, watched, read or played items and share with friends.
8. is an online service to create and share collaborative lists.
9. makes it easy for users to create new top 10 lists. Users can also share their opinions about what items sh...
10. lets users create a list on any topic and share it with a larger online community. Users can discuss a...

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