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Top 13 Free Language Learning Apps

1 to 13 based on popularity

Language learning applications assist users with vocabulary, context and grammar through online lessons, educational games, quizzes and progress tracking tools. AppAppeal ranks all language learning apps based on worldwide popularity.

Myngle offers students and teachers in different locations a online language instruction platform.
Busuu is an online community for studying languages and improving language and writing skills.
Papora is a language learning tool that gives users many ways to master a foreign language. Web and mobile features a...
Babbel is a language learning platform. In exchanges with native speakers or learning partners, you can put into prac...
LingQ is a language learning service. Get help from a personal tutor. Study online and meet people from around the wo...
Livemocha is a language learning site. Take online lessons, practice with native speakers and learn to speak a foreig...
Mango Languages is an easy, fast and effective way to learn languages online.
EnglishCentral turns popular web videos into language learning experiences.
Verbling presents internet users with a quick way to connect with a real person who speaks a language they want to le...
Practice a new language with native speakers.
Duolingo is a free online language learning tool that is quickly expanding. Users can choose from a list of languages...
Voxy provides language lessons that use content of your choosing, whether that be a story about your favorite team, o...
13. is an online community for people who are interested in learning languages.

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