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Top 8 Free Item Sharing Apps

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Item sharing applications encourage users to swap items they aren’t using for items they need or want with others in the online community. AppAppeal ranks all item sharing apps based on worldwide popularity.

Curisma combines social elements with technology-focused products. Users can visit the site to see recently added and...
2. is a site where you can share stuff with your friends and neighbors.
3. is a community where members can rent or borrow stuff from within their network or neighborhood.
4. has created a marketplace based on trading books, movies, music and video games.
5. provides its users with a convenient way to list and manage household items. Users can sort items into roo...
Keepio helps you to keep track of all your belongings in one place, and allow people to share what they own with frie...
Rentalic allows internet users to rent the items they need from other users. Rather than pay for a new item or genera...
OhSoWe gives users a way to trade items and skills within local groups. The website is free to use and focuses on com...

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