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Top 9 Free Investing Apps

1 to 9 based on popularity

Investing applications help users manage stocks by providing access to expert and community advice, online transactions and financial tracking tools. AppAppeal ranks all investing apps based on worldwide popularity.

Google Finance provides real-time stock quotes, financial news and tools to track your stock portfolio.
TradingView is a website that offers an active community of traders who share information, tips and assistance. Users...
3. offers personal investment tools that help users organize their current and potential investments. Users...
Small Knot lets users support small businesses currently thriving within their community. The user can help fund a pr...
Yahoo! Finance offers you free stock quotes, news, portfolio management resources, international market data, message...
StockTwits is a community-powered idea and information service for investments.
PortfolioRunner offers portfolio and risk management tools, investment strategies, semantic analysis tools and patter...
Charts with indicators and studies for technical analysis of stocks and indexes.
9. provides users with a virtual market to trade in.

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