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Top 26 Free Instant Messaging Apps

1 to 26 based on popularity

Instant messaging applications give users a quick, convenient way to chat online through real time text conversations that include contact lists and attachment options. AppAppeal ranks all instant messaging apps based on worldwide popularity.

Socialcast provides enterprises with a user friendly way to keep all employees in touch. Data can be accessed and use...
Private group chat tool for businesses with file sharing and video calling
Live chat tool for websites
Campfire is instant messaging designed for groups. Share text, files, and code in real time.
Team on the Run is an in-company, branded mobile messenger tool
IMified lets users access all their instant messenger applications in one convenient place. The user can send and res...
With TinyChat you can create your own instant chatroom and invite people through one simple link.
Tinker helps you stay on top of your favorite events by showing you the latest buzz from Twitter and across the socia...
Hollrr is a platform to share recommendations for great new products and services.
Chat on thousands of IRC networks and connect with people instantly with just a web browser.
11. allows users to hold text, voice, and video chats on multiple instant messaging protocols simultaneously.
Convore is a communication service where groups can chat in real-time.
13. can help users organize their various social networking and communication accounts.
Privy Talks invites users to chat privately with confidence. The application offers users a very basic chat applicati...
Cupfone lets users speak to contacts one on one in private chat sessions. The user can chat in real time or post long...
KoolIM makes it easier for users to access their chat contact lists when they cannot download their favorite IM progr...
IM+ all-in-one messenger brings unified chat experience across major IM systems and social networks.
Yahoo! Messenger for the Web is an online instant messaging application.
Jaconda is a chat service for project teams. Rooms can be integrated with third party project management services.
Zoho Chat offers helpful chat features to users. You can form groups of work team members, family or friends.
Chatroulette is a service for one-on-one text-, webcam- and microphone-based chat.
ChatRide is a platform to webcam with your friends.
23. web-based instant messenger service lets you stay connected with different messenger networks.
Yahoo! Pulse allows users to keep in touch with their friends.
Jottle allows you to video chat with others around the world on your terms.
26. is a place where people around the World can find their partners online based on their current location.

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