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Top 35 Free Image Editing Apps

1 to 35 based on popularity

Image editing applications are web based photo editors that let users crop, rotate and adjust color settings as well as apply unique filters and effects. AppAppeal ranks all image editing apps based on worldwide popularity.

A fully-functioning image editor for developers and web designers.
Photoshop Express offers users web based photo editing tools available from anywhere with internet access. Users can ...
Splashup gives internet users a convenient way to edit their photos online. The application is very easy to use and l...
4. is an online digital photo editor. It can remove blemishes, change skin/hair color, morph photos and m...
SUMO Paint lets users create stunning images and drawings using many features. Unique brush strokes, lighting effects...
Pixlr is an online photo editor that gives users many ways to improve and customize their images. Users can work with...
Picozu editor provides internet user with a way to create brand new images from photographs, drawings and more. The u...
Kleki provides users with a simple drawing application that has limitless possibilities. Users can work with layers, ...
BeFunky provides users with a wide range of stickers, fonts, effects and customization options for photos. Users can ...
Fotor is a free online image editing tool that offers a variety of appealing functions. Apply basic changes or build ...
Vector Magic converts bitmap (aka raster) images into vector images through an easy-to-use web interface.
12. lets users store and share their photos online, create slideshows and print photos digitally online with ...
Mugtug is a suite of photo and image editing software that works with any browser, tablet or netbook.
Psykopaint is an online painting application which select the colors from an image and apply it to your brush automat...
15. offers users a place to draw online.
16. gives users an easy way to edit their photographs online. Registration is not required.
AutoCAD Ws lets users create technical drawings anywhere they go. The application gives the user access to AutoCAD to...
Enthread is a simple photo-editing application.
LoonaPix is an app that people can use to spruce up or make their photos special.
20. allows users to upload, edit & design photos using online tools.
MemeKit is an application that lets users combine photos and status updates into interesting snapshots or memes.
ImageSpike provides users with a better way to tag images. Users can apply interactive hotspots that share informatio...
Ribbet gives users numerous ways to make their personal photographs look even better. The service includes basic edit...
Snipshot offers free basic editing tools like crop, rotate and resize. You can use Snipshot on your own site with the...
25. offers a widget to display zoomable images on the internet.
Rollip gives any digital photo the classic look and feel of a vintage or Polaroid picture.
DoInk is a place to enjoy art and animation, and make your own.
Pixton gives anyone the power to create comics on the web.
Canvas is a fun website that gives users a place to find and create interesting images. The site provides a user frie...
30. is a file editor and converter that offer a basic interface that works for novices as well as seasoned users...
Slidemotion is an application for Facebook users to create dynamic slideshows or "videos" to share with their friends...
Pixenate gives users a simple way to make minor changes to a photograph. The user can correct red eye, normalize colo...
Picfull provides users with a few fun image filters to enhance their personal photographs. The application is easy to...
PicTreat is a free, basic photo editing tool.
Vector Paint is a program that is supposed to create vector artwork from a users' computer or as an original work. It...

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