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Top 7 Free Idea Sharing Apps

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Idea sharing applications offer everything a user needs to record, share and manage concepts that they plan to nurture into a real product, service or endeavor. AppAppeal ranks all idea sharing apps based on worldwide popularity.

Users can post their ideas for product improvements and enhancements and then vote on their favorite ones. Eventually...
Cognician is an application that uses "cogs" containing prompts to assist users with structuring thinking to solve pr...
Ideeeas provides a platform where users can record ideas and share them with others.
4. is an online idea community where users get paid for their ideas.
This is a place where users can share their ideas for things with the world.
Wridea is an idea management and collaboration service which is developed for anyone who is interested in managing th...
Bigady is a think tank website allowing anybody to submit ideas in categories and for others to rate them up or down.

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