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Top 31 Free Health Apps

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Health applications act as a resource for users that would like to learn more about their body, diet and overall well being. AppAppeal ranks all health apps based on worldwide popularity.

Healthvault is a trusted place for people to organize, store and share important health information online.
2. is committed to providing valuable health results and share them with patients, healthcare profess...
WebMD provides health information, tools for managing your health, and support to those who seek advice..
ZocDoc enables you to make appointments for free with dentists and doctors instantly online.
MyAutismTeam has created a large community of parents, caregivers and specialists for autistic children. Parents can ...
HealthTap supplies users with an opportunity to pose questions that are answered by real physicians. Users can searc...
Webctor is a question and answer style website geared towards health issues. Users can ask questions, provide answers...
Medify makes health data accessible to patients by helping them search thousands of ongoing medical studies. The webs...
HealthRally provides users with a unique way to find motivation when working towards a health goal. Users can receive...
Lose It! provides users with an easy way to track weight loss. Users can list foods and physical activities and build...
MedHelp is a very clean looking app that assists users with education, monitoring, and connecting with others in mult...
An app which helps users book appointments with health and wellness professionals.
Elite Men’s Guide Workouts is a website dedicated to health and fitness. Men can find guided workout videos and valua...
Avvo empowers consumers by rating doctors and lawyers, and having these real professionals answer their questions.
Skinnyo helps you to lose weight by competing with friends and colleagues in weight loss challenges.
16. gives users a detailed look at human anatomy in three dimensions.
Ffflourish helps users record and focus on the little things they do each day to stay healthy or improve their wellbe...
SlimKicker helps you lose weight by letting you track your food intake, undertake weight-loss challenges with others ...
19. is a free and anonymous online community where you can talk to people facing the same health challe...
Vitals was created to give consumers the tools to make intelligent, informed decisions about which doctor to choose.
Healthline provides trusted health information and resources.
stickK empowers you to better your lifestyle. It offers you the opportunity, through 'Commitment Contracts', to show ...
Keas helps you understand what your health data means and how you can use it to be as healthy as possible.
ChickRx gives you legit expert health information and entertain you at the same time.
SparkPeople offers nutrition, health, and fitness tools, support, and resources that are free.
26. provides health information and health news on diseases, drugs, symptoms, treatments and more.
Usable Health helps diners to make healthy eating choices.
28. is a game that helps to improve your overall health.
29. is a personal online fitness journal that lets users record a wealth of data related to their personal hea...
MuscleLove is a photo sharing network for users with fitness goals. The application lets users provide inspiration th...
TuDiabetes is an online community where the members help each other out and share information to stay healthy while l...

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