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Top 58 Free Game Apps

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Game applications provide internet users with more ways to have fun and be social online with a wide range of multi and single player games. AppAppeal ranks all game apps based on worldwide popularity.

1. if AOL’s collection of web based games that cover a number of popular genres. Users can play free games as...
Miniclip has a web based game for almost anyone of any age. The website provides users with a place to have fun, inte...
Line Rider provides an excellent entertainment opportunity for online gamers of all ages. The user literally creates ...
Play free games and share scores with friends.
On everything deals with the sudoku puzzle. You can play Sudoku online for free.
Free games, everything from the classics to the hottest new hits. Featuring online, multiplayer and downloadable games.
Hattrick is a free strategic football game application that enables users create their own football clubs, build foot...
Tanki Online is a game where you have to destroy enemy tanks, help your team, advance your tank and make your militar...
Angry Birds is a popular game based on battles between the birds and the pigs.
10. is a website dedicated to the classic game of chess.
WordSquared is a massive, multiplayer word game like Scrabble.
Panda Poet is an online word game that gives users a fun way to exercise their vocabulary. Users can play against one...
A multiplayer world domination game app.
Speakaboos is an online learning tool for children. Little ones can improve reading comprehension and literacy skills...
Zynga adds social elements to free casual online games. You can add Zynga games to social network platforms like Face...
Moshi Monsters is a game for children where you can adopt your own pet monster. Each one has a unique personality tha...
Club Penguin is a virtual world for children containing a range of online games and activities.
Kerpoof is an online creativity application that allows children draw and create movies.
World Golf Tour allows golf enthusiasts to play realistic golf tournaments for free, no download or extra software ne...
Panfu is a complex 2D multiplayer online game in which children not only play and chat, but also learn and develop th...
Play a golf video game online in your web browser. Get an authentic 3-D experience plus multi-player, tournament mode...
Betable offers you a platform to create your own bets and share them with anyone.
Geocaching is a treasure hunting game where you use a GPS to hide and seek containers with other participants in the ...
24. is a geo-social network for video games players.
FarmVille is a social network game where users can manage their virtual farm.
26. is an online community for gamers.
27. helps children learn and grow through computer games.
Sokikom provides elementary school students with a fun way to establish a mathematical foundation. Parents and teache...
29. is a mature dress up game for girls who love fashion, shopping, decorating, creativity, and making new f...
My American Farm is a free resource that provides families and educators with more ways to engage young minds. The si...
World of Solitaire presents internet users with an easy way to have fun for free. The website gives users access to n...
SparkChess is an online chess game where users can play against one of three different computer opponents.
33. is an online strategy game that uses one's geo-location tags from social networks to build territories, influ...
With users get to play and have fun by betting on the latest trends in various categories of pop culture. Us...
Playflc provides users with a community for sharing games that are completed based on written text. There are no vid...
Doof is an online gaming hub with tons of titles to play.
Friendster provides users with a fun way to play games online. It used to be one of the largest social networks.
Habbo is a virtual hangout for children where you can meet and make friends. Design your own rooms, collect furniture...
Geewa is a community portal offering casual multiplayer games.
Playfish creates games for friends to play together over social and mobile platforms such as Facebook, MySpace, Googl...
Pogo is a platform powered by Electronic Arts where you can play free online games.
42. is a large Flash games and animation site.
FriendBet provides a service to bet on sporting events with your friends.
MindJolt offers social games on networks and sites including Facebook, and MySpace.
Farmerama is a free online farm game where users can play against thousands of other farmers.
Pixza is a browser-based mutli-player strategy game.
GiantHello is a social gaming network designed for 7 to 13 years-olds.
48. is a social network for gamers.
49. is a community site for gamers.
50. is an online educational game for elementary school children.

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