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Top 21 Free Fundraising Apps

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Fundraising applications help users obtain funds to begin projects, support causes or make changes by reaching out to large crowds willing to offer support. AppAppeal ranks all fundraising apps based on worldwide popularity.

GreenUnite is a platform that helps users get their green ideas up and running. Users can propose ideas that others c...
MyTab lets users save funds towards a trip through online donations from friends and family. Individuals, groups and ...
An app linking investors with investment opportunities.
Go Get Funding is a Kickstarter alternative that lets users obtain support for a cause, event or project. Users can e...
5. features a collection of tools that cater to all types of fundraisers. Users can accept pledges, recurr...
GoFundMe was created to help people raise money online for the things that matter to them most.
Kickstarter is a platform for funding creative ideas and ambitious endeavors.
ChipIn enables users to organize group payments and fundraisers.
9. was created to help the average person generate funding for their ideas. The site allows users to host ...
Rally is an online social fundraising tool. It allows causes to raise money online without a merchant account or stor...
RocketHub is a crowd funding application for Creatives to use to raise funds for their projects or endeavors.
12. is a nonprofit organization that helps the public to commission journalists to investigate stories that might...
Appbackr is an application for app developers to crowdsource the funding of the development of their app. By posting ...
14. hosts fundraising pages on behalf of charities, non-profits and grassroots projects.
You can make your own fundraising page on Firstgiving to raise money for any nonprofit organization.
Pledgie is an online fundraising service.
17. is a social fundraising platform for nonprofit, educational and political organizations.
18. enables members to invest and earn financial rewards.
FundedByMe is a great way for creative people to build traction for their idea or project and to secure the moneys ne...
Grow Venture Community (Grow VC) is a global, transparent, community based app for investors and entrepreneurs. It as...
MyDunkTank is a fundraising website that provides a a fun and social way to raise money from your friends and family.

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