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Top 170 Free Financial Apps

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Financial applications are designed for individuals and businesses that want to track money by linking bank accounts, creating budgets and monitoring spending stats. AppAppeal ranks all financial apps based on worldwide popularity.

FundedByMe is a great way for creative people to build traction for their idea or project and to secure the moneys ne...
Grow Venture Community (Grow VC) is a global, transparent, community based app for investors and entrepreneurs. It as...
Time59 is an application that makes time-keeping and invoicing simple for lawyers.
Invoiceocean is a bare bones invoicing application that has several bugs in the system. It is very simple and easy to...
Invoice creation and management system.
Buxfer is a personal finance service that tracks account and transaction activities.
Beezang helps you manage and keep track of expenses you share with friends, colleagues and roommates.
Ofuz is an application for small business to interact with customers, vendors and co-workers on sales, tasks, projects.
Yodlee MoneyCenter provides a suite of online personal financial management tools.
ClearCheckbook is an online service to manage your finances and balance your checkbook.
SparkSavings helps you track your spending, learn how to save and pay down debt.
MyDunkTank is a fundraising website that provides a a fun and social way to raise money from your friends and family.
MySpendingPlan provides online budgeting software and planning tools for all your needs.
Mytrade allows you to share real trades, and copy the trades of others.
165. tries to brings transparency to opaque markets by providing financial information.
166. is an online service where friends and co-workers can disclose and share their salary anonymously.
167. lets website owners charge their customers on a per-use basis.
Invoice Journal is an online invoicing application you can use for free.
MoneyDesktop is an online financial management tool that helps people manage their finances more efficiently.
Zingfin is a financial research and visualization portal providing financial data for stocks/MFs/ETFs around the world.

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