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Top 41 Free File Sharing Apps

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File sharing applications let users provide access to their media files, including images and videos, by uploading and sharing a link or emailing an invitation. AppAppeal ranks all file sharing apps based on worldwide popularity.

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Secure file sharing and control for businesses
2. is an online file sharing application that allows users drag and drop file for easy sharing with others.
Senduit is a simple, secure file sharing application.
WeTransfer is a platform that you can use to send big files up to 2 gigabytes. Any filetype is possible.
JustBeamIt provides internet users with a convenient way to share files over the web. The user drags and drops their ...
Let's Crate is an easy drag and drop file-sharing service.
EFShare is a free web app for sharing files.
4shared provides online file sharing and storage with 10 GB free web space.
Wappwolf automates cloud based tasks through Dropbox by predefined actions set by the user. It saves time and enhance...
Kicksend provides users with an easy way to send files to anyone by email. The user can send files through the Kickse...
Dropmark is a collaboration tool that utilizes a convenient drag and drop interface. Entire teams can work privately ...
Uploadie offers file hosting without intrusive adverts or loading pages.
13. provides internet users with a place to upload and share files.
14. is a file sending application which allows you to send files up to 2GB in size to anyone.
MediaFire gives users an easy way to upload, share and download files on the web. The simple drag and drop interface ...
Droplr is a file sharing application that uses a cloud based system to share files via multiple means.
17. is a simple file hosting service that allows you to easily transfer large files.
RapidShare users can store large files online and access them wherever they are and share them with friends.
A tool that sends links to large attachments to email recipients without compromising their inbox's storage capability.
Dropcanvas is a very simple filesharing application.
Streaky invites internet users to share files of up to 2 GBs each for free. The application is extremely easy to use ...
22. is a real-time file sharing service. Real-time statistics tell you exactly how many people downloaded them.
23. provides a service to send large files over the internet.
Filecamp provides file sharing, digital asset management and integrated online proofing.
BitLet is a simple BitTorrent applet that lets you download any torrent file directly in your browser.
Sharing things online has become a common activity and the application makes it easy to share things privately.
Drawpr gives internet users a simple file sharing solution that is ideal for personal and casual use. Users can quic...
28. enables you to send your large files online without clogging up your or your recipients inbox.
29. users can send large files over the internet. Sending these files by email can be hard and YouSendIt le...
goPileus is a simple online file sharing service.
31. is a free image, video, audio, flash and file hosting provider.
LargeDocument gives internet users a quick, easy way to share large files online. The user can obtain a file sharing ...
GigaSize lets you upload movies, games music and photos and store them online for instant access and sharing.
CloudApp allows you to share links, images, videos, music and files.
35. provides a simple file hosting service.
36. makes sharing pictures easy. Minus lets you drag files from your desktop and folders directly to your brows...
37. provides a large file delivery service.
38. is a file storage and transfer service.
DivShare is a document and media sharing service.
File Apartment allows up to 1 gigabyte to be sent for free.
Wikisend is a free file sharing service you can use without registration.


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