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Top 13 Free Feed Reader Apps

1 to 13 based on popularity

Feed reader applications synchronize with third party sources to bring content from multiple blogs, podcasts, websites and other online resources to one interface. AppAppeal ranks all feed reader apps based on worldwide popularity.

Google Reader offers users a simple but convenient way to organize their RSS and Atom feeds. The user can choose from...
Subpug gives internet users a simple way to keep their favorite content accessible. The user can create RSS feeds or ...
Feedly is a Google Chrome extension that lets users manage their web content. The application is highly customizable ...
Alltop provides the latest information about headlines from various sites.
5. makes it easier to read online content.
6. is an online feed reader. Users can track their favorite websites and blogs in real-time.
Feedity generates RSS web feeds for web pages without a web syndication format. With Feedity you can create an RSS fe...
Subscribe to your favorite RSS feeds and receive daily or real-time updates in your email.
NewsBlur is a feed reader with intelligence. Automatically highlight stories you want to read and filter our stories ...
10. helps users to keep track of their favorite blogs.
11. is a text summarization engine that gives you the gist of a piece of text from a URL or RSS feed.
12. allows users to follow people at real-world events in real-time.
Femtoo users can track changes on webpages they follow.

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