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Top 13 Free Enterprise Social Networking Apps

1 to 13 based on popularity

Enterprise social networking applications gives companies a way to build an internal network that streamlines employee interactions through instant messaging, discussion threads and user profiles. AppAppeal ranks all enterprise social networking apps based on worldwide popularity.

Zoho Connect
AppAppeal rating 4/5
Price range (p/month): $0.00 - $49.00
Small business social networking and collaboraton
2. is a private social network for your company. It is used for internal corporate communications.
3. provides companies and organizations with a free private communication tool.
4. allows its users to build and customize fantastic looking web communities without any downloads or programming.
Convo is a social network for companies as well as a real-time collaborative tool. It takes the best of both worlds a...
Open-source social intranet and collaboration software for teams & projects
Feature-rich enterprise social collaboration software
Social intranet app for team collaboration
Glassboard allows users to create private social networks.
Sazneo is a group communication app that boosts productivity.
11. provides a private social network for your company.
Swabr provides users with an easy way to set up a company microblogging network. Users can share files, information a...
13. is a communications tool that lets members of a team, company or other group share videos, chat, e-mail and ...

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